EHO Color Remediation



Alright. I’ll build the filter cake in @TheLostBiologist’s Bucket tek. Thank you. Any other thoughts?

I have to do my filter cake pour in stages so I’ll do a stage without carbon before adding carbon(if even necessary) for the remaining pours.


Maybe increased agitation on the t5? The clay (just a guess) works at 5-10% of it’s potential compared to a non-polar solvent. Maximizing your interactions is gonna be key. (*Edited non polar)


Try sonicating oil/solvent/T5. A birdie told me it can help with carbon scrubbing.


I’ve been thinking of trying this, we’ll see on monday




Innnnnteresting… Does it help on the bleaching clay or more specifically the charcoal?


No idea, only seen it done with ethanol and carbon. @tweedledew


Conceptually you’d think it would. It Increases interaction frequency?


That’s the idea. A buddy sonicates an oil/carbon solution before winterization and had fats crashing at room temp and all kinds of weirdness.


Ohhhhhh mannnnnn, I gotta get sonicating


Can I sonicate using household speakers set to a loud enough volume using frequencies collected from the web? Maybe put my computer speakers in my freezer? Lol or just the subwoofer maybe?


Probably gotta run ultrasonic, the cavitation (tons of tiny bubbles popping) puts a lot of energy into the system and really mixes things up. It can homogenize things, and increases interactions on a molecular level.

I don’t think regular sonic interaction would have near the same intensity.


Alright, so sonicating will be a later step. Any thoughts on my available final purge options?


What do you mean by final purge options?


Both things you said there work fine. Even just on low with a fan with a double boiler would probably work. Vacuum is always a good option though.


The two options are vacuum on a 1 gal pickle jar laid on its side through it’s lid with a 2 stage 6cfm pump or a Pyrex dish with no vacuum covered by cling wrap with an exhaust hole poked to vent ethanol vapor without letting moisture and outside air in. All options involve putting my mostly evaped oil on parchment then in the contraption. Both options utilize either a heating pad or water and a commercial hot plate.


You could make a lid that can seal onto a pyrex dish, I dont know if a big pyrex dish would really be a le to stand up to vacuum very well but I would think its safer than using a pickle jar.

The only thing I can see a pickle jar being good for is making sauce.

Also if you put cling wrap over your dish the ethanol will take forever to evaporate, its just going to want to condense on the cling wrap. You need something to carry the vapor away from the dish as it produced.


What if I put it in my mini cls and draw vac on it that way in a bath of water at maybe 120f to account for the thickness of the metal?

My collection pot is 1’ deep and 6" across. Maybe lay some parchment in there, but I don’t think I could vac 50g in it because of the muffin. Man, I wish I had access to a vac oven!


Much better idea to purge in the cls but then you have to get it out of the spool after its purged, parchment would work but may get a little messy.

If your evaporating alcohol your not going to get a significant muffin, especially st 120f.

You really ought to just buy one of those vac chambers that are made of a pot and a polycarbonate lid, they’re cheap and it sounds like they would work for your workload.


I might break down and go that route. I was hoping to run today, in like 6 hours lol