Efficient way to Grind trim for alcohol extraction?

So we do alcohol extractions then process the crude for distillation.
I’ve noticed when working with hand trim that if we grind up the material we can fit more pounds in each bubble bag. (So that is our goal. To grid up all the material before washing.)

So what we have been doing is using a ninja blender to grind up the trim so it’s a fine grain.
However, we need something for larger scale. The 3 ninja blenders we have running isn’t cutting it.

We tried to buy one of those leaf mulchers on amazon. But it just made a bunch of dust and a big mess. It is not efficient.

Anyone have any suggestions? we have about 300lbs of trim to go thru.
Anything is better than these tiny ninja blenders
Thanks for the help

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A hammer mill may do the trick for you. Something like this… https://pleasanthillgrain.com/hammer-mill-grain-herb-industrial-hemp-grinders-cannabis-medical. If you google search for hemp hammer mill you will see a few companies specializing in this.

Here is a smaller unit i came across…http://www.kannamill.com/kannamill-food-grade/

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Hammer mill or fine grinders with the appropriate anciallary system to handle and control the dust. although you really want a multistep grind process so you can remove seed and stalk (which provide their own valuable revenue sources) so youre not contaminating you good oil with stalk and seed oil by products

@Lukemo421, good job researching online!
@Psilisophical, I am happy to chat with you about our KannaMill units. You say you have about 300 lbs of material to process via Hammermill? We have two units that would be of interest to you for now and in the future. Our KannaMill 4 can process up to 100 lbs/hr and our KannaMill 12 can do 300 lbs/hr. We offer these in Carbon, 304 Stainless, and 316 Food Grade steel finishes.
Reach out when you have a chance!

Can you give us a ballpark on what a 100lb unit would cost? Sadly, I’ve gotten excited about small scale processing equipment before only to find out the ROI was unfeasible.

@Estokha, our KannaMill 4, which can process up to 100 lbs/hr (dried flower and small trim) starts at $12k for Carbon Steel. The price go up with higher quality steel. This unit comes with two Stainless Steel screens at your specified particle size requirements, both the infeed and discharge chutes, a collection bin, and shop vac for dust collection. Note, once the material enters the Hammermill, it is a completely closed loop system. Optional equipment, which we recommend, is a support stand for the mill and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which controls the speed of the motor.

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