Effect of exposing pure water to a sustained magnetic field


Interesting stuff.

“Many claims have been made that magnetic fields change the
physicochemical properties of water [2,23]. Our experimental re-
sults verified again that magnetic treatments have changed some
properties of water. The surface tension was decreased (Fig. 1)
while the viscosity was increased over the magnetic treatment
time (Fig. 2). But still the principle of magnetic water treatment ef-
fects is still not well understood and various contradictory hypoth-
eses were proposed. From the microscopic point of view, the
magnetic field was shown to influence significantly the zeta poten-
tial and size distribution of the particles formed in solution [24]. It
was often attributed to the Lorentz forces ~F ¼ q:~v -
~B exerted
either on moving ions or on charged solid particles [25]. Madsen
suggested that the magnetic field had influenced the proton spin




I’m glad you stumbled on this.

Ask @CuriousChemist22 @CatalyticConversion this is what you would call my side research…:wink:

What interest you the most ?



Im interested in the decrease in surface tension and how that would relate to heat transfer properties of a liquid.

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Ah! Here’s my film stability perspective…

Consider a flat liquid film flowing across a heated surface… surface tension acts to stabilize the flat film and heat is mainly conduced from the heated surface to the gas that bounds the film on the other side. If surface tension is sufficiently lowered, then the flat film can be destabilized to a wavy state by fluid inertia, Marangoni effects, etc. The wavy state sees more convection in the film and locally increases heat transfer rates from the heated surface to the gas. However, continued decrease of surface tension also promotes film rupture by growth of the wavy state.

In short, lower surface tension promotes instabilities at liquid-liquid or gas-liquid interfaces which can increase heat transfer rates


I’ve got a crazy ass story involving an ex Soviet Nuclear Submarine communication scientist, a fish fertilizer plant, and a network of federal prison camp financial criminals, that all intertwine back to structured water…

Its like CBD, lots of good in there, just avoid anyone selling you anything CBD or Structured Water, it’s a scam.

I actually came upon one company that was adding CBD to structured drinking water :man_facepalming:t3:


The Oregon guy??
He ended up going to SoCal too and working with Nygard’s son in his 16M$ building. I heard that shit the bed but I’m not 100% on that.
Hopefully I’m not spreading misinformation
Beautiful building I think it was way too much ahead of its time! I think I still might have the blueprints

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I use it to organize and structure molecules so I can manipulate them with fertility

How do you think I make my crude so pretty? :wink:

Let’s here that story :joy::rofl::joy:


Structured water story and it’s not a scam? I’m all ears here!

There’s a multitude of clinicals on the subject. I’m driving

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How does heavy water react to these same treatments?


Recirculation under a magnetic field.

I haven’t synthesized any isotopes of water. My miss and biz partners don’t support any more projects that involve potential government interference.


Lol fair enough, i was more hoping you could point me to an article you might have read.

Yes I can. If I don’t do it by tonight then remind me tomorrow.

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As promised. Effect of Magnetized Water on the Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete Block Pavers.pdf (4.6 MB) Effect of Magnetic Water on Properties of Concrete .pdf (287.4 KB) BiologicalEffectsofMagneticWateronHumanand.pdf (242.3 KB)

I use the concrete ones because they had tangible testable evidence to prove the claims in which are stated.


I have personally seen water cluster improve serious diabetes by at least 3x.

Lots of fun stuff to learn here that is hard to believe until you see it.


Haha every weed forum needs a magic water thread, you guys are definitely doing it justice 4200 style!

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