Edwards XDS35i dry scroll vacuum pumps

I have 2 of these ready to go!!

Edwards XDS35i rebuilt by my professional repair shop to factory spec. 6 month warranty

Contact me for any vacuum pump rebuild services or if u need any vacuum pumps…

Asking $8500

These are both rebuilt , pump to factory spec…

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Have 2 in stock at the moment…

still have 1 unit left!


Stock these and tons of other vacuum pumps… let us know how we can help u!


Have 1 in stock currently

bump… 2 in stock


What’s it currently pulling down to?

2 micron

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The bulk of the rebuild is the tip seal replacement I’m assuming?

depends… if u maintain regularly then tip seals are more common service

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send me a pm @raghanded

I’m not interested in buying one - was just curious what I might be in for after pulling mine out for service.


i can rebuild for u if u need any help… my rates are the cheapest in the industry. let me know if u ever need anything or any help… thanks


have 1 left in stock… 8500$

Do you rebuild Agilent?

have 1 available right now