Edwards XDS35 rebuild?

Anyone know how to get the orbital scroll out of and Edwards XDS35?

I can find the tipseal replacement videos, and the parts manual, but neither of those get me into where this pump is in need of assistance.

Given the noises it makes on manual rotation, I’m not sure it’s salvagable, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to tear into it.

Just can’t figure out how this comes off…

For the record, there is a Allen bolt under the threaded cap in the center of the scroll.

And this is why I can’t have nice things…

The parts manual shows this as one piece :worried:

Although it does list a kit/part number for a replacement bellows, so it may be salvagable…

Edit: “…it was making weird noises, now it won’t turn on”.


Edit: a mere $1555 + shipping, assuming I can still get them.


Jesus man that’s unfortunate a $1,500 hit here at this household would be catastrophic


That’s called the big leagues. We’re still in the minors. Our fines aren’t as hefty. Lol. Sorry cyclo. That sucks.


Yeah, not quite sure what it is about equipment maintenance in this industry…folks just seem to keep pushing till it breaks, ignore scheduled servicing, and just generally treat equipment like they stole it.

Guess it might be another manifestation of a-motivational syndrome :wink:


New pump is almost 10x that.

MSRP = $12853

$1550 plus the scroll seal kit is not a trivial hit, but it makes more sense than doing without.

Pretty sure any spare around this joint needs work…but I’m not gonna poke that bear today.

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Lol. When I bought my current car new with 4 miles on it. It was only $12,600. Lmao.

Pump cost just as much as a brand new VW Jetta cash out the door. :man_facepalming:t3:

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What Where You planning on conecting iT to ?
Hope al works out :pray:

That one usually sucks on our molsieve.

It has black lung disease. Presumably from inhaling dust.

Next trick is a filter between the oven & the pump…


I am gonna be real here. I sold off my car and motorcycle because of injury but also because I live in a place with LOTS of transport options. After not driving from injury for a while the amazing thing is how much fatter my bank account is.

If I had not given up driving and my passion for high horsepower (my last car was a Porsche 911) there is no way at all that I could have engaged in learning to refine medicine. The endeavor is spendy but not so much that forsaking even modest vehicles cannot get me what I need.

I do always wonder why folks spend so much on exotic pumps when it seems to me less expensive options are available. I am sure there are practical reasons to run this sort of thing but do not know what a scroll pump could accomplish for me that a dual vane pump cannot? I LOVE the fact that @cyclopath is sharing data on these guys for sure! He is a smart cookie and now he has his own smart mode of transport. I saw a photo of his new electric car and he even offered to do some running for me if needed. Thanks. It is striking though the price of these pumps new and I cannot quite understand the technical problem they solve that a cheaper pump cannot.

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They are AtEx rated. As in they’re ok injesting hydrocarbons. So we use primarily them on our ovens. The one above pulled duty on the molsieve oven. It appears to need a protective filter. A oiled pump might be better. I don’t like Oiled pumps on vac ovens unless I’ve got a cold trap in the circuit to keep oil out of my oil :grin: