Edwards Pumps and A/I 1.9 vac ovens

Hey everyone, another quick question. I am currently running A/I pumps with A/I ovens and i am having trouble getting my vac down to -30. i am running however 3 ovens on each pump. i understand that this is most likely my problem, my question is, if i switch to edwards pumps how many ovens can i run off a single pump. what would you recommend? please any answer would be great as i do not want to spend the money on edwards if they will just give me the same results as A/I

What’s the model of the A.I. pumps? Jw. I’m just curious what you’re running.

Cu.ft of oven & cfm of pumps are probably required to answer that correctly.

The “probably” is to indicate that I have enough experience to know I don’t know. And an admission that I’m unwilling to look at the math at the moment.

There is in fact no doubt that both are required :slight_smile:

We run one pump on three ovens as well. All ai and we all able to pull a full vac. We just pull a vac on each oven individually. You just use the vacuum valves on the ovens to isolate each oven. Hope this helps :grin:


I was gonna say a manifold and do one oven at a time

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What elevation are you at?

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Yeah elevation may also be a factor on pulling full vac

Let’s get one thing clear.
NOBODY can pull -30” of Mercury.
-29.92” is all she wrote.

Once you get below 29” it makes sense to switch to different units.