Edan Labs Hi-Flo extraction system

Item Model/Manufacturer:Edan labs hi-flo extraction system (2 units)
Description:extraction system
Price/MSRP: $7000each

Current location of item: portland Oregon
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Pick up

Make offers Located in Portland,OR

Agilent 1100 HPLC with computer and consumables $22,000 retail asking $7000obo

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2- Eden Labs HI-Flo Extraction system Retail $100,000 each asking $7000 each OBO

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Henan Touch Science Instruments DLSB 30/80 Alcohol chiller (needs new Board) $1200 make offer

Across international ACC UTEMP -32 vacuum oven 110V $1000obo

Across international vacuum oven 75ar 110v (needs new door or handle) $3000obo

ACROSS INTERNATIONAL ACCUTEMP-160r vacuum oven 220v does not hold seal but heats up needs new door does not pull vacum door slightly bent $3000obo

2-Across international T-80 cold trap $3,800 for refurb asking $1100

Chicago Pneumatic QRS 15 125 TM 15HP Rotory screw Air compressor 54.9 cfm 3phase $9600 Retail asking $2500obo

50L BVV Neocision ETL Lab certified Rotory Evaporator $8000 retail asking $1800 obo

Sanyo Ulta Low Freezer MDF-594C ^$10,000retail asking $2000obo

SEMIFAB CD-200 Chiller

Labconoco Centrivap 7460040 cold trap $10,000 retail 230V asking $2500obo

Labconoco Centrivap 7811021 Cold trap $6,300 retail 115V asking $200obo

2-Thermo scientific Thermoflex 5000 recirculating chiller $7000 retail asking $1800 eachobo

Thermo Scientific Neslab Thermo Flex 10,000 recirculating chiller ^$15000retail asking $4000obo

Welch 1405 Douseal vacum pump retail$3,300 asking $1000obo

6- Edwards RV8 Vacum pumps $4,300 Retail 4-110V 2-230V asking $1200 each obo

15L Jacketed reactor and vacum pump asking $2000obo

BVV filtration vessel retail $1200 asking $400obo

Fritch Pulverisette 19 cutting mill and cyclone separator $50,000 retail asking $20000obo

High Tech Shredder SH-110 grinder retail $6500 asking $1800obo

Futurola FRSS110 super OG plant shredder machine $6875 retail asking $1800obo

Carbtrol Corp. Barrel activated charcoal filter 7440-44-0

Ivek liquid dispensing system 520235-BBBBA

PAX extract filling machine, fills pax cartridges asking $1000obo

2- CNC nap cartridge filling machines

Dry automated capsule filler machine

Tallboys 984TAOCHSUSA 10x10 ceramic top stirrer $585 retail

120 gallon Stainless reinforced rectangle holding tank$1200 obo


Is the dry automated capsule filler still available?