Ecodyst 100L

I’ve said it a number of times but The Ecodyst evaporator has run circles around everything else I’ve used at lab scale it’s simply a great piece of equipment . I have two of these units but I’m really just using one most of the time so we decided to sell one . It’s 14 months old and was purchased directly from George at Ecodyst. It has absolutely no issues. If you are in the market for one it’s a chance to pickup a lightly used unit that’s been well maintained. The unit sells for 120k new and we decided to put this on the market at 90k . Feel free to reach out if I can provide any additional information. I have attached photos along with the specs .

100L EcoChyll X7 Hi-Speed Evaporator

Turnkey System Designed for:|Large Scale Solvent Recovery and Decarboxylation|

Solvent Recovery Throughput:|Up to 60L of ethanol per hour|
True Load Volume:|100L|
Decarboxylation Capacity:|Yes|

Built for industrial-scale evaporation, the EcoChyll® X7 high speed evaporator from Ecodyst combines high loading capacities with rapid continuous cooling for efficient and fast solvent recovery. Courtesy of proprietary intelligent direct self-cooling condensers, the EcoChyll® X7 high cooling capacity and large surface area condensers can reliably condense large volume of solvents.

Our industrial-scale rotary vacuum evaporator is a turn-key solvent recovery system trusted by chemists and botanical extraction processors in both research and commercial laboratory settings. Based on innovative self-cooling technology, our smart cooling system is both eco-friendly and efficient. The EcoChyll® X7 continuous cooling system is guaranteed to increase productivity for high throughput solvent recovery and decarboxylation applications while keeping user safety and usability at the forefront of all botanical extraction applications.

I’m interested dm me

I know this is an old post, but is this still available?

I still have a 72L & 100L available. If interested give me a call they are in the lab and 100% .