Ebay homogenizer?

Has anybody used the ebay homogenizers?
I need to emulsify but dont have alot to spend.
Says they do up to 1000ml.

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No ratings on dhgate


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@Kinsmanofthesun has worked with them, he should know


What are the glass parts for that come with it?

1000ml of bullshit! In all fairness, it really just depends on how far you dilute your oil. I don’t go above 100ml. I tried 200 and it didn’t do much. I haven’t ever used the CAT so I can’t compare, but if you are just doin small batches it seems to do the jobs for now. This is how I doozit.

Heat, start homo slow, dump, mix for 1.5 minutes, throw in stir bar, put on hot plate stirrer to get any bubbles out and bring back up to temp, (if I have a funny feeling, or the oil wasn’t showing me quite what I wanted to see I will run again for 1.5 minutes), fill.

So far so good. Would I go singing the praises? Nah. However, if you need to get goin and you are low on funds, I’d say that it can help as a stepping stone, but I would plan on upgrading ASAP. If your terps aren’t mixed well it can be really unappealing and even harmful to consumers.

Also, I would recommend getting a heat wrap for your mixing beaker. If it’s not at perfect temp the machine can’t handle it. This is the main reason why I sometimes have to do it twice.

Definitely get a hot plate/ stir bar as well as back up cuz you don’t want to end up up shit creek without a paddle. And CLEAN and lube your shaft EVERY TIME! Keep a heat gun nearby to warm shaft before cleaning. I use iso, take apart to ensure cleanliness, then lube with C8. Quick and easy. It even comes with cleaning flasks.

That concludes my 10 cents

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do you have 220V & 50hz?

it will probably run at 60hz, because all it’s doing is spinning, but it is designed to run at 50hz and that is not how the wiggly comes out of the wall around these parts.

Edit: this is from someone driving a 50hz fuge at 75hz

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For cleaning and lube.

What were you using it for?
I want it for thc syrup

No just clicked it. Theres 110 versions

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I saw your other post now. If you are mixing with mct then I bet you it would work. I don’t know much about RSO. Just start with smaller batches and work your way up. Won’t know unless you try. I use the 110v version and it seems to do fine. For $180 why not!?


Do you really want to buy something from someone who can’t spell motor? Continuous run time of less than 5 minutes? No way is a 200 watt motor going to spin 19000 in any kind of viscosity.
If you need a bargain homogenizer I’d look into a used Polytron such as something like this:


Im using disty to mix into vg or agave

Just get a lab stand to hold it i like that option
How would one go about sterilizing the bit from a used one?

Ive used both 220 and the 110 and both have their problems, but for the price I’m not disappointed. This is the Harbor Freight homogenizer. I’ve used it for thick (honey and distillate) and thin mct solutions and if you prep everything like KinsmanoftheSun says you’ll have decent results.

Clean the probes with parts cleaner when if first arrives, they’re coated in tapping oil - the inside needs especially scrubbed. Use a popsicle stick between the blades to disassemble.

When assembling for use seat the probe as far up as it can go, if not you’ll hear it eating itself alive. My supplier quoted replacement probes at around $30 a piece. I can send you the link to their store.

Remove the motor shroud and check every nut and bolt for tightness - add loctite or lockwashers where necessary. Ive had screws vibrate out and fall into the solution, specifically the two connecting the tach. It vibrates a lot so i keep two layers of paper towel under the beaker to dampen.

The 220 unit needs a step-up transformer and works fine but its not designed to take 60hz. I have one if you want it - DM me.

All in all for what im doing it works fine, but having bought two the next will absolutely be something lab grade.


Disassemble, scrub with detergent, soak in alcohol.