East Coast to Cali

What’s up hope everyone’s day is going good!

I’m sure this is a typical story, I’m looking to depart from my coast in the next two weeks. We’ve been dealing heavily with someone already established on “the other side” but the quality control is lacking severely and we’re pretty much running his company for him while he runs our names into the ground.

The goal is to get to California , and establish relationships with a variety of high quality vendors for uncut distillate, and also some hardware guys due to mass’s vape ban.

I simply don’t know where to start, I’ve got some snapchats that I’ve spoken to and plan on flying out to them but who knows how legitimate they are. Any pointers on where I could plug myself in? Not asking for Names ofc haha, just a little direction from someone that’s already made the voyage.

Also looking to find out what tests I could run outside of a lab to see if the liters have been cut with additives or thickeners , if there is any visual indicators to look out for that would be sweet. if anyone has some advice on that topic please chime in!

My Instagram is honeywax_inc I can verify myself !

I have 4k+ .5ml empty carts i dont need. I used them for yrs and had way less than 1% fail rate.

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It’s a big state. Which city/region are you aiming for?

Well be needing 1.0 ml’s for our endeavor , the .5’s get no appreciation in our local market

Reading / Sacramento area

I was told a judge in MA just said the ban was not legal and the Gov has to take away the ban.

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I’m in Sonoma county, decently close. I’ve got Ls

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Only on medical vapes , all other stuff is still banned

When will you be in Sac?

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Thinking Monday to Friday- length of stay depends on who we find to see, or if we even find anyone worth seeing

As far as your question about additives or thickeners, I’d recommend talking to whoever you end up going with for lab testing. All legal and licensed product in California needs to pass “Category 3” testing also known as “CAT 3”. It’s pretty extensive, and includes pesticides, heavy metals, fungicides and a bunch of other stuff. Not sure if they test for all the random additives, and thickeners that are out there, you’d have to ask your lab about that. But if you want “uncut distillate” then just looking at the potency of the testing seems like a good place to start. If the test shows 97% total cannabinoids, for example, that doesn’t leave much room for additives. Also, most licensed companies out here are not going to be using that crap, at least not that I’ve heard of. Seems mostly to be a illicit market phenomenon. Definitely do your due diligence though because public safety should be taken seriously.

Anyway hope that helps Eastcoast1, welcome to the forum and to California. We do License to License crude and distillate in Sacramento. So if you need help feel free to give us a call, we’d be happy to have you down to our facility and help you get established in the area.


I’m in Santa Cruz area and I have uncut liters. DM me.


I’m located in Redding 530-215-7539


Hello East Coast1, we believe we are in the quality vender category, we are a filtration/purification company, if you will need filtration, let us know. Thank you, Greg gregh@heyesfilters.com

I’m in NY if you need any help with empties.

I’m in Baltimore have same problems I’m actually going to Cali in a week or so too I’ll let u know how it goes us East coast guys have a hard way to go always have for the most part most of my younger years was spent juggling whatever Cali’s boof bottom-of-the-barrel packs made it over I’ve been getting some really good indoor from up North I’m mostly looking for flower trim maybe a half a liter or something but if I find a good plug on some ls I’ll let you know

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Hey Im originally from Nyc, moved to LA 11 years ago just to be in this industry, I’ve went through all the good and bad. You got a resource in me if you want it.


I’ll message you!

I can set you up 100%. Mass guy here. Pm me and we can chat.

Licensed manufacturer in Coachella Valley CA with clean, uncut 90+ THC disty for sale with COA’s for cannabinoids and pesticides. If you are still in the market hit me up!