E2m30 and other Equip for sale

I have a couple peices of our lab up for sale:

1 E2M30 edwards pump with oil mist filter, maybe 75hours. Put new juice in and run it or rebuild it. 1500$

1 AI 5 liter rotovap ul listed. 2000$

1 summit 2L heating mantle with 2 boiling flasks, laminar condenser, box full of receiving flasks 500$

2 summit legacy 2 2L heads, one packable 100$ each

1 lab society vacuum controller 800$

All equipment is located in Chico, Ca. Feel free to offer if my pricing is way off …


Seems pretty fair…does the roto comes with chiller and vacuum?

Just the roto unit and glass. No chiller or vac

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In that case the roto is overpriced but everything else seems reasonable

Bump. Taking any offers. I want my spare room back .

I’m interested in the controller, and possibly the pump. I’d rather not deal with rebuilds tho. Was a trap always used?

We used two traps with DI, one of which is for sale also if you need one. Feel free to dm me or respond here. Are you in CA