Dumping supersacks & material handling

Curious what other extractors are using for dumping supersacks or tote bags. Trying to improve my material handling flow, another facility I visited had a nice hydraulic lift unit but it punctured the supersack bags in the process, if possible I’d like to keep bags intact so they can be reused for spent material

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look for vacuum conveying systems.

they make larger systems as well


I’ve seen lifts - like the ones use in factories - used to move em around, as well as excavators (tire or track), bigger skidsteers (tire or track), front end loaders (interchangeable ones), bigger forklifts

But when it comes down to it it all depends on the space/budget you have. I personally thought the excavator was a really good one - aside from a lift like a factory -, swivelled, has good counter weight and had the reach


How are the people using these systems getting material out of bags? Seems like a waste of time to use a giant version of a shop vac to empty bags, I can’t see one as grabbing biomass, especially large buds, out of bags without inadvertently grabbing the containing bag as well. Vacuum conveyors seem like a better option for moving material that has already been size reduced, I’m trying to optimize the way I’m feeding what I’m using to do size reduction

It is more for milled or combine harvested material.
Are you just looking to dump it all out into another container, or directly into the centrifuge?

I’d like to dump it onto a conveyor belt or into a hopper that feeds a conveyor so it can be conveyed to the input of a hammer mill or grinder. Already have a way to get material into extraction bags directly off the output of my hammer mill but feeding the hammer mill is currently way more labor intensive than I’d like it to be

What do your sacs weigh? How far from their stored area to the conveyor/hopper do they need to travel?

Depending on material, fill % and bag size I’d say they range anywhere from 200-550 lbs. They don’t need to travel far, and we have a forklift for moving them when they’re upright, but the forklift is pretty far from ideal for flipping the bags upside down to dump them out

They aren’t the supers with valves on them?

We aren’t fully vertically integrated, and as such can’t count on farmers bringing us supersacks that have the dump ports on the bottom - even so, not all bud material likes to flow out those ports, especially if material has been sitting for a few months or has some stem/stalk material in it.

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you could modify this thing?


Yeah I was thinking of something exactly like that, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. +1 to soxhlet :sunglasses: