Dumbed down version of how/why cbd works

I am looking to pay someone to create a dumbed down 2-3 paragraph summary of how CBD and CBG works/effects the body.

It must be easy enough for the general public to understand, but can not contain any health statements or things that would not fly with the FDA.

I am looking for 2 different versions. A CBD and then a CBG version.

This will be used in online and print media.

Message or leave questions below.


that is impossible. If you start discussing the effects of these cannabinoids, you are making medical claims


You need patients to give statements about how it made them feel

I’m pretty sure you can legally do that without making any medical claims


No one here has a spoon big enough for this, because it’s such a vastly complex question. So I’m gonna try and point in the direction one might try going to gather the appropriate information.

Cannabinoids directly affect somatic systems via the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is an architecture of receptors and cell signaling pathways that exists in the brain, lungs, liver, etc.

What does CBD do at this (cellular, molecular) level? How does the molecular pathway of CBD (from ingestion to metabolism) manifest itself in patients? What specific receptors (CB1, CB2, TRPV1, etc) have shown a response to CBD? How is that response mediated (agonist, antagonist, something else)?

So before you go blowin a buncha information to your consumers about the medical effects, you REALLY need to ensure the research you use ultimately ties back to these cellular mechanisms. Or just use studies that are based on patients’ subjective response (not as precise)

Oh, and there’s a CBG white paper somewhere. @Future where’s that thang at?



I read somewhere that even reviews/first hand accounts are not allowed if they imply a medical benefit.


Cbd effects ppl in various ways. Just like food, alcohol, drugs, even prescription meds, etc.

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You are barking up the wrong tree. This won’t get you free of the FDA.
It’s a trap!
15 companies just got served cease and desist letters yesterday. FDA it appears to me is becoming a hard line turf protector at least where it concerns interstate commerce with CBD. They are clearly preparing for federal legalization and making sure they are the gatekeeper. I wouldn’t mess with them right now.


Hemptown_WhitePaper.pdf (9.6 MB)


The ole Dr sebi tek