Dual haskel problem


The iron fist ex 40 I’m working on was filled with bad gas so I drained the system and cleaned everything even the hoses then I put it back together one of the Haskell is not working at the same speed as the other and when they are stopped there is a gurgling noise coming from the bottom of the haskel a when I shut the valve going to the Haskell the noise stops. I can pinch the hose going to the working haskel and the bad one will start and it seems like its working but goes back to not working when you realease the pinch in the line

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Any air leaks?

Sounds like you have them on the same compressor.

Last time I had a Haskell stop on an EX-40, it was because the compressor it was hooked to had blown a breaker…

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They are fed off of the same air line and I have 120 psi in the air tank



A couple or three of those 1k word substitutes (pictures) of the plumbing might help.

Replumbing to isolate each pump for testing may also be necessary.

The timing (after tear down), and response when you shut off one hose (seems like it wants to work) suggest a simple plumbing mistake.

I’m guessing that would be preferable to “you need a rebuild”.

They do blow seals if the back pressure is too high, that would be my second guess.



I’m having a hard time uploading pics because of my internet but the pump is going now just much slower than the other pump do you think it would be ok to run the system on one Haskell while I get it rebuilt Uploading: 52D7942E-CE75-4157-9F47-5839580365D0.jpeg… Uploading: AE49EF04-AC99-497C-84F7-EC26C9600AB9.jpeg…




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Do you have check valves? Pumps like to compete against each other



@Apothecary36: BHO causing a check valve to stick?

Nah that never happens :rofl:

That sounds fairly consistent with symptoms.

Thanks @Doctorsmith4200 for the 1k word substitutes. Not sure how much they really help. That’s quite a tangle of hoses you’ve got there.

You should absolutely be able to limp along on one pump. You should replumb and test each pump on its own to see if you can isolate the fault to either the pump, or the ancillary devices or plumbing. If it’s clearly a pump, you’re now plumbed for single pump usage, and can get the faulty one rebuilt.



Maybe you need a bigger hose to supply your air line just before you split it into 2.

3/4" --> 3/8" x2
1" --> 1/2" x2

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I wish I could upload the video i have were you can see the one pump running normal and the other one going super slow



I brought the one haskel to town with me I’m gonna get the other one replumbed to run just it does anyone know of a good place to have a Haskell rebel near Eureka California



Stockton is apparently the nearest authorized dealer.

But there should certainly be someone closer who is up for the task.

I tend tear (working) stuff apart just to see how it works…if/when machinery stops working there’s very little you can do to stop me dissecting it.

It has happened, but it’s rare.

Maybe open another thread in Cannabiz: “Seeking Haskel repair in Humbolt County”?!?



Each pump needs it’s on dedicated air supply with ball valves. The pumps need to be on opposing stroke. I’d start there.



I forgot to ask. What cfm is your compressor?

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I am running a Rogers machinery screw air compressor and it’s a huge one not sure cfm it is tho



How do you get them to be on opposite strokes



Are you near eureka ca



I ran dual Haskel’s on my ex 10 for about 1 month. Ultimately, found that running one is the way to go.

I was told you must get them to stroke in sync with each other, not opposing stroke. The additional recovery rate did not prove worth the constant issues and damage caused when they fight each other. (My Kaiser compressor was not large enough for two)

Rebuilds are fairly simple to do yourself and highly recommended to learn if you are going to run one. There is a video out there that goes through the whole process.