Drying System


So I know I’ve alluded to a drying system able to handle harvested biomass at scale. If you’re concerned about conveyor belt heaters or fluidized bed dryers destroying your terps/VOCs, this is a nice alternative. Here’s a brief overview of our rack system and a video showing a similar form factor it in use in another industry.

Each rack is roughly 15’ wide x 290’ long, a pair of them take up about 40x300. 8 to 13 shelves per rack. Approximately 108,000sf of drying rack in under 12,000sf of floor space. Designed to be installed in pairs with an environmental enclosure. Can be used in existing buildings or outside. Can add ventilation to suit.
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Mushroom compost loading

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How would you condition this space?

Ends, sides, and top wrapped. Space for ducting to suit. Can add vents or use an active ventilation system (blowers/dehumidifiers/ac)

Pricing available for the modular system. Much faster install (goes up like scaffolding). Note the whole system is patent pending.

System Overview:

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