Drying Methods

Wondering what drying methods everyone has had the best luck with this year?

I have seen alot more farms going the “dry in field” method. Of course there is the barn dry, but it is hard to scale. Has anyone had good success using a tobacco style drier?

Here is a screenshot from @Future 's instagram page, hope you don’t mind @future. A tobacco barn might be what your after, only instead of drying piles of leaves you would hang them.


Take it to a drying facility

You can dip into liquid nitrogen Dewars :sunglasses: that would freeze dry em pretty good

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nope. it would simple freeze them.

in order to freeze dry them, the water still needs to be removed.

that requires vacuum…or maybe wind if you’re field drying in the great white north :wink:


it hangs the cannabis from the beams
and then turns on the fan again


Lmfao (:joy:

Do you have any more specifics on the dry in field method? We are looking at growing an acre and trying to figure out the best way to dry 5000 lbs of wet flower

Hang dry if u take to big dry facility it will end up brown and doo doo unless your going for violence mask then it probly doesnt matter.

Wtf autocorrected to “violent mask?”

Biomass almost works…


Samsung for u

Im interested to know if anyone is using modern flue curing barns. ( not hung like olddays, but packed in racks the way modern tobacco barns are used) My fam has been growing tobacco for over 300yrs, we got lots of of new and old style drying tech all over the farm. The new barns utilize ethylene injection during the “yellowing phase” which is probably not useful here. Here a link to the modern style of flue curing barns. https://ac.els-cdn.com/S1877705817350889/1-s2.0-S1877705817350889-main.pdf?_tid=dadfdccb-2963-4d37-bd7f-b8ca8d0b094d&acdnat=1547490676_bc12c07363af6e7f8fac2019cec060ca


Not going for violence or bio mass but for cbd


Would something like this belt dryer (https://www.guoxinmachine.cn/products/continuous-belt-dryer/2.html) work well to process cbd hemp quickly and efficiently?

Sure looks like it…

Might even be able to power it by burning hemp :thinking:


I had ppl dry for me with one this year. Great for blasting stuff no way on smokable

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Trussed greenhouses are typically empty that time of year. Gas heater / blower on one end, big exhaust fan on the other. Hang whole plants. Pack 'em in. Lots of air flow at first.

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Do you want a slower dry like I’ve read about marijuana?


slow dry if you are going for flower market
fast dry if you are going for extract market