Drying crc powders in a microwave

Is there any reason why not to use a microwave to dry powders prior to a crc run?

Just brainstorming here, but what would be some negatives to drying powders this way?

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I’m not sure buy a vaccum oven would be a better choice imo

either a conventional oven or vacuum oven would be better. these would let you put the whole column in and avoid repacking

But why is a vacuum oven a better choice?

I’m just kinda thinking this out, let’s say you’re getting a run ready and for some reason you forgot to dry powders, would nuking them be ok for a quick fix?

I agree that other methods may be superior, but does nuking the powders change them at all is more what im asking I guess.

This is where my knowledge on things peters out lol.


this is what the forum is all about!! a matter of why/how!! i don’t really have an answer as to why to avoid the microwave other than the way a microwave would dry might be disruptive to the powers or make a mess?

interested to say the least!


I was on my way home from work today and for some reason this popped in my head haha.

I’m definitely going to try it out of curiosity, I always like to think of dumb little alternatives, just because.


I think its smart until proven it’s not


Thanks man!

I do it. It works well for me…


Bam!!! Thanks for verifying I’m not thinking about this the wrong way!


I am amazed on how much I’ve learned here, I wasn’t making poop soup, but my extracts have gotten so much better.

This place has gotten my mind working so much, it’s great.


it’s so awesome once you open yourself up to the “what if’s” and seeing all the geniuses on here come up with their own rigging/creations.

personally it’s really reinforced how outside the box you can approach everything

also my new favorite saying


I thoroughly enjoyed it myself!

And I definitely agree, I’m amazed and humbled by the things everyone here comes up with almost on a daily basis.


honestly, after being burnt out of 5 years at a university, it’s so refreshing to be shown that we already know how to learn so effectively.

i get so geeked to come on this site and read something new that i had never even remotely considered


Me too man, I stared looking at the site back when the osst tek first started up, basically either lurking or posting daily since then.

The whole growing and extracting thing has been amazing, since I started growing 6 years ago, the things I’ve learned are sooo cool.

From learning about electronics for building leds, or learning how to grow plants, then getting into the extract side of things, I’ve learned more than I ever have outside of k-12 lol

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been extracting for little over a year now!
just started growing this week!

So much to learn and it’s so exciting.
I agree though, learned more in the 140 days i’ve been on this site than i did from 5 years being formally taught.

Proud of these little dudes.


Good luck man! It’s a challenge, but super rewarding your first harvest!

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Vacuum drying ovens and freeze dryers may be a better choice. If you want to know more, please send me an email.info@zzkdinstruments.com

I’m asking why though thanks, that didn’t really answer the question or explain anything.

Care to elaborate?

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He made this account to sell u an oven :joy: