Drying clays


Was wondering if you guys are drying t5 and other clays before use. If so at what temp and for how long.


I’m not but I’d like to soon. 100°C, vac, wait at least an hour.


So 390f is a bit to high


I dry the clays at 100•f but only after ive used them for the 2nd use never done it on the 1st use and I keep it at 100•f in a paper bag until I’m ready to use again for the 2nd time and last time


I’m going to experiment with drying and cleaning my clays and powders I’m waiting for four more packages and then I can start :heart_eyes_cat::smiley_cat::drooling_face:


I keep them in my “oven” room @ 85* and 15% humidity.