drying buds outdoors

i know most of u will think am crazy but swim has a friend of a friend that lives in the mountains and grows cannabis guerrilla style so there is no electricity and the big problem these ppl have is that they have alot of product wich in the end is shit cause its all moldy or smels anything but cannabis so thinking of these cant imagine a way to dry cannabis outdoors with no electric power so les see if anyone here has some expirience with these thanks in advance guys

What’s the end goal?

Any interest in extraction?

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some coult be extracted but still is too much material thousends of plants and the only way to preserve it will be drying and storing i think

A lot of operations can extract 2000 lbs a week.

It might be worth considering doing a toll processing gig instead of letting your $$ rot away

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am talking about these ppl doing these opps way far from any civiliced place these ppl are no in a place where cannabis is medicinal or anything thats the reason they do it these way

large used military tents from ebay, and a generator and large commercial dehumidifier.

that’s how them folk in them hills doing it I heard



Tie ropes to trees to hang tarps.

Build a shed or barn with a gap in the ceiling.

Drop 3-4K on a 40’ shipping container, a genny, a few fans and a dehumidifier

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youre gonna need tarps tents and fans.

like mentioned before, military surplus tents are best and cheapest. you will at least need a honda eu2000i to power a bunch of fans. im not sure what your RH is but if its maintains over 60-65% youll need dehumidification and a semi air tight tent which will greatly complicate the OP

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Can you get trucks(dually) & trailers to the said locations? If so the task isn’t that hard at all to get all of the bio mass off of the hill.

perhaps you could use a large amount of damprid?

guys thank u for the quick responses the idea of military tarp is good and suites the situation perfect to answer BG305 there are no roads in these places the truck idea would be awesome but for now i am thinking that making a semi airtight tend powered maybe by a generator or some car bateries can make it work thanks again for the quick responses cheers

I knew some old school cats who did a big organic outdoor thing every year…masters of their craft. They sometimes did an outdoor dry for wherever reason, but the humidity level in the mountains was compliant with that method.

How remote? What is the weather like at this time of year? Tent up…industrial style…military surplus. Inside the tent, have grow tents set up for drying. Use generators to run dehumidifiers to control the humidity in the tent. Do you have hoop houses on site your growing under? Fuck an industrial tent…throw big grow tents under the hoop house, hang your harvest in them, and run dehumidifiers via generators. If your humidity is ok I’d still tent somehow and hang.

I’d want to control humidity if I had a big harvest on the line…

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