Dry Water Soluble Cannabis


I’ve been ghosting on this thread and figure it’s time to seek help/advice from this amazing community. I know there are similar threads out there, but please bear with me as this topic is slightly different - Dry Water Soluble Cannabis.

My grandmother is ill, and I would like to make a dry water soluble cannabis w/ coffee beans, so my grandmother can use as needed.

I have cannabis distillate. From research, it seems that we can add emulsifiers to water and oil/cannabis distillate and make this water soluble. I also researched nano-emulsion using sonification, but I am not entirely sure if this would work and would appreciate any feedback.

My question is: If we were to take a water-soluble cannabis solution and spray it on dry coffee beans. Once the water drys up, would the remaining dry cannabis/coffee bean mix still be water soluble?

does granny use cream in her coffee? if so, I would suggest cannabinoids in mct in addition to her cream. you can see it floating on the coffee, but you can still deliver a fairly reliable dose. the r&d and equipment costs are low. distillate into MCT can be done in the microwave.

there are certainly kerig based delivery systems, so something can be done, but putting cannabinods on the outside of coffee beans before grinding them doesn’t strike me as the most direct route to accurate dosing.

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Just a shot in the dark here but I would have to agree with cyclopath in the sence that the delivery route u’ve suggested is extremely unreliable and inconsistent however I believe ur searching for a cannabinoid salt. I’m really not familiar with the process on how to achieve such product however general orginc chemistry can work wonders and hopefully just this suggestion alone may point u in the right direction :pray::pray: good luck! The thought of water soluble cannabinoids have always been an itching topic that I’ve been interested in.

She doesn’t use creamer. She likes black coffee only, nothing else added. I’m thinking of grinding up the coffee, spraying on the water soluble cannabis mix and package each individually for her to use daily.

But back to the main question, aside from dosing, would the cannabis mix still be water soluble if I let the water evaporate after spraying it on the coffee bean? Also, do you have any feedback on nanoemulsion?

Do you have experience with nanoemulsion? I don’t have access to organic chemists, so it’s difficult to start a conversation for converting cannabis to salt forms. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!

I do not believe that you can evaporate the water off, and still have an emulsion, so I don’t know if what you’re proposing is possible. There are many folks here with way more chemistry than me…

for titration (figuring out the correct dose) purposes, it does not seem ideal to tie cannabinoid dose to caffeine dose.

titration works best when the patient is Invested in the outcome.

Are you trying to slip this past granny without her knowledge?

I don’t recommend that route, but have participated. only because that granny had dementia, and the CBD was proven to help. When she took her CBD, she was rational, and could agree to taking it. When she didn’t take it, she was not rational, and would not take anything resembling medication.

10mg/ml CBD in MCT. most days 1ml went into her smoothie. I assume the caregiver has had to resort to many other vehicles.


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Are u familiar with THC-O aka thc acetate? Aside from the strict guidelines surrounding said product at least the acetate form is a water soluable product. As for incorporating said product into a coffee beverage, that should be fairly straight forward however dosing then becomes the issue…
Have u tried just adding the nonemulsion to the coffe and seeing what u get? Lol a lot of the time I find roadblocks are caused by theory and when starts actually experimenting is when u can find “a diamond in the rough” so to speak lol
On that same thought, the concept of simply creating a fatty soluable emulsion (aka milk/creme solution sounds like your best bet for what your trying to achieve? That is if granny takes milk in her coffee…if not, then considering shes willing to “try” a cannabinoid treatment maybe she should experience with creme in her coffee as well… get crazy granny have some creme in ur coffee! #yolo :rofl::rofl: hahaha

For a patient not accustomed to cannabinoid as a medicine, mixing it with a caffeinated beverage and dosing via the GI tract may actually excacerbate the symptoms you are trying to relieve. An acute anxiety episode is far more likely with both oral ingestion and with caffeine present. I suggest great care when deciding to prepare medicine for another person. I define great care in my own way and I gladly show others how I prepare medicine for myself, but for me great care precludes me from attempting to medicate anyone else’s symptoms.

Your heart is in the right place but carefully consider that medicine goes both ways sometimes - good and bad. Want proof lolz? The next time you get a REALLY bad toothache, and I am talking going immediately to the dentist kind of toothache for emegency pulling heheeee, take a big old vape hit of premium shatter, wax, BHO or the like…

Trust me on this one - it don’t make it better and it do make it go the other way pretty fast… Good luck and my prayers go out to your grandma.

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Rat models and I agree with Beaker, caffeine and thc seem to directly interact pharmacologically producing a third state that is not the sum of the inputs. https://bpspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1476-5381.2011.01554.x

Why coffee? Like mentioned above I would be cautious.

In my experience, espresso/thc infused brownies caused severe anxiety for everyone that tried one.

Why not a pill?

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The best and easiest way to solubilize cannabis compounds is using beta cyclodextrins. 2 cannabis molecules are encapsulated within 1 b-cyclodextrin molecule. There are several types of cyclodextrins to try the superior one for cannabis is methylated-beta-cyclodextrin. There are several patents on this issue but I don’t have the patent #s handy Try looking for them yourself. Good luck and hope granny recovers soon.