Dry ice sourcing

Where is all the dry ice at?


Where you located?

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Location definitely might help. It’s everywhere w price changing everywhere u go

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Los Angeles, Xtractor depot and airgas didnt have any yesterday.

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Any particular cause of shortage? Saw the Portland thread earlier, gotta ask.

@ApisLabs took care of their timely need I think, good looking out!


Everyone is pointing the finger at covid again, this time it’s the vaccine though.


Covid vaccine storage?

vax transport across ocean most likely

there was no shortage before we donated 1 billion doses to the rest of the world.

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Not like our idiot civilians would take them. Everyone that’s gonna get vaxxed is already vaccinated. All that’s left is potential Darwin and Herman Cain award recipients

@Adchem time to shine G

California SF - Humboldt - LA

They’ll deliver your ice. Made in-house.

Previously worked for them, should have plenty going nonstop.

Pellets or rice 500lb totes made daily

Some businesses do in-house testing/analytics, is it ever feasible to do in-house dry ice?

At the consumer level I just see 1kg dry ice block makers at the $2-300-level, what’s the cost of a pelletized unit an extractor could buy?

Or is pelletized dry ice a byproduct of some other process upstream and it’s not cost effective to produce your own?

Like let’s say an example use case of butane extraction, a few tubes or less, whatever average joe is using.

About 40 grand and your production costs are around 25-35c a lb last I looked.

Also CO2 shortage in Europe could be another factor on the difficulty in sourcing. My distributors pricing shot up, and availability is spotty.

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You sure adchem makes their own ice?

Iirc only eureka oxygen is making ice in that county


I know for certain Adchem makes their dry ice.

That local competition is good and a resource.

Tap into adchem as well if you want to not have any issues.

I’m an ex employee but respect their actual business.

See their Instagram for videos of dry ice being made. I literally have been in there buildings making sure it happens.

Can dig my old videos for some model #s on what dry ice machines they’re using. Multiple


i dunno what the 50 foot tall coumns are where i buy dry ice but i think its something to do with dry ice. theres like 7 places near me manufacturing it. They laugh if i mention a shortage. i think they make it like 3 hours and thats as much as they sell. then they store it in big blue bins. I found dry ice sublimating in their dumpster last year- LOTS of if.

Just a thought; the shortage is caused by the booster vaccine?

Search indicates recent news about it? Link below;

co2 demand is causing the shortage adchem does not make co2 @moveweight

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They have giant co2 tall boys directly connected to their dry ice machines.

Their parent company is Mountain Air CO2…


They probably have co2 on lock better than most people.

Doesn’t hurt to contact. Never heard them say they aren’t making dry ice…

They get their tank refilled by these giant fuckers

Thanks @moveweight. If you’re in the Bay area or Eureka/Humbodlt area hit us up for dry ice. We manufacture ice on site in both locations. Thank you.