Dry ice hash CLS extraction Questions Need pro tips

Ok so I’ve recently started switching my runs from flower/trim to dry sift hash & dry ice hash. Now my reasons for doin this is to increase my work load. Now to explain a little of what I’ve tried so far,
I’ve started by using the follow in this order material column with 3 filter plates to make sure none of the material gets thru, to dewax with filter flare with a 10micron screen, to a CRC then to my collection vessel which is at 45-50F on collection then about 80f for recover.

Solvent I’m Running is N-Butane 70%-30% (butane-propane)

The CRC measurements for powders I’m using @Dred_pirate procedures

Now to the tricky part so my very very first run I did was without the CRC with 2lbs of material in my column and I was able to get about 9.5lbs of solvent in my system and it reached roughly 65-70psi. This was with regular dry ice in the dewax sleeve. At the end of the run I yielded roughly 410 grams on the first pull which was amazing don’t get me wrong looked like shit but straight up impressed my yield. Then when I tried to recreate the same things I did for my previous run nothing would give. Pressure never got back to 65-70psi aswell as now my solvent intake won’t go passed 5lbs.

Things I’ve tried-

  • 5 parts acetone to 1 part dry ice in dewax sleeve to drop temp

  • removing filter plates on material column

  • checked for leaks

-chilled solvent tank before use

-froze material before use

  • froze column before use

Only thing I haven’t tried is warming solvent tank to forces the gases out which I don’t know if it’s a good idea

Only good part so far about it is if the hash is good enough it pulls clear wen u pour and well if I could recreate my first run then yield would too.

Some questions

  • Should I try running straight Butane since the boiling point is 30f and there is more condensed liquid passing thru the material?

  • Warm solvent tank?

  • Freeze material and column together?

-Try IsoButane?

-Glass beads or stabiles steel sponges for buffers between material?

Thanks for the help in advance

I would defenatly run scrubies in between
Had clogs that 150psi could not solve and the mess you find after evap biomass is horrendous


Yea I litteraly just ran to the store and grabbed the scrubbier things to buffer it gonna check the mess in a few

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I would use the dewax as a second vessel or wait to add the dry ice til you know its all dissolved so you dont get clogs or mix with material and avoid all that

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I’m not getting clogs I feel like the solvent isn’t touching all the material which is why I’m gonna start using the buffers aka stainless steel pad

Dry ice hash will literally crush your trichs and can cause a lot greener extract, I feel like you already figured this out but its worth mentioning. I try to to steer people away from dry ice hash if they are going for quality. As for quantity, go for it :man_shrugging:


As for operation if you’re looking for high pressure I’d say 70/30 blend or nitrogen assist. Can’t say for sure why your first run had higher psi, maybe you lost butane in your first run so you didn’t even have enough butane to get to 60psi in your second. There’s about a 5-10% butane loss per run.

Even with a new take it doesn’t get up there

What kind of solvent tank are you using? Does it have a dip tube or are you going through vapor port? I’m only running 1lb system, but I send 3lb solvent over then open my bottom valve to crc then to collection. And then let 5lb flush through system
My collection is also on dry ice to avoid vapor lock. I never see past 20 psi in any part of system.


and maybe you can try some of these to help from clogging


He saidhes doing crc though


I’m not having clogging issues I’m having yield issues

Ok you didn’t respond to my other post @KrakenOilCo

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Might be an idea to @name member
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@Idab916 I’m usuing a regular lp tank with one port also I got the flow thing figured out a little it was vapor lock stoping my flow