Droppers to fit 10ml glass bottles very low price

Hey everybody, I found a case of 10 ml glass bottles at the thrift store today. I think they have some more too, she said 10,000, but may have been exaggerating.
They’re topless. I need to find dropper tops to fit them. Please let me know if you know where I can buy 1000 at a time for a good price. Also, if you need 50 or 100 or 500, I’ll sell some. Depending on shipping, I can sell them for less than anybody, they’re practically giving them away at my local thrift shop. But again, I haven’t ordered tops for them. Any leads on a supplier for these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I’m in central NC, in case anybody is local.

You would need to send in off to china to get the right size then order them.

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Are they not standard sizes? I was hoping it wouldn’t be a special order, that sounds expensive. Do you know someone?

I’m sure you have a standard size buy you do not know what it is. I can speak with someone about it. Do you have a picture at least?

It’s a 1.5cm outside diameter opening, 5cm inside height and the threaded portion is about 1cm

On the bottom it says Y8, 10ml, P52

I use this place

bottles and droppers

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I compared these to my 15ml vivaplex bottles and believe they have identical thread shape and cap size. Just the pipette is longer. Do you guys vivaplex? I hope they’ll be able to hook me up.

Still having trouble getting these, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to find someone that’ll sell 1000 at a time. They’re identical to vivaplex 15ml but a little bit shorter. They didn’t return my message

try http://containerandpackaging.com/

Did you see my link up there^^^^?

Thanks alot, both of you, I’m ordering samples to check. Cary company min order is a little more than I wanted.