Dremel for homoginizing distillate

Ive been mixing terpenes into my distillate using a hotplate and stir bar however im finding I wish I had a bit more homogeneous mixture. purpose built homogenizers look like fancy dremel tools, has anyone managed to make it work. I know there are Chinese units for under 200 but Im not sure they are not garbage.

Homogenizers like the heidolph units draw the liquid up through a hollow shaft that have multiple sets of blades. I bet you can buy a homogenized tip off alibaba that hooks up to a dremel lol


I second that. The last cheap one I used was absolutely Dremel compatible.


Buy a scrilogex shaft. Shaft is most of the price on the homogenizer anyway


Thanks for all the replies this is exactly the answer I was hoping for, any size recommendations for smaller batches up to like 100 ml

@cyclopath @Rowan @Roguelab @Demontrich here’s an idea I’m going to try: vac on vitamix to homogenize with less air added. I’ve tried homogenizing with vitamix (concentrates with various tinctures etc), but I get lots of air. This looks like it might reduce the added air & possibly reduce oxidation

also, trick to vac your distillate from mason jar? Giddy-up momma :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the mason jar lid attachment



Alternatively you could work in a nitrogen glove box to displace o2

I use the wide mouth and regular mouth lid attachments all the time to seal my jars. Matted to one of my welch wobl vac pumps. Gets it down to -26hg.

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Vitamix seems like there would be lots of transfer losses from distillate sticking to the walls, also polycarbonate dosent take heat or solvent like glass does.


@cyclopath modded a mixer to use a mason jar.


no actual mods preformed… that’s just the way Oster makes them.


Kinematica Homogenizers

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eBay has homogenizers for 10-1000ml for $129.

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Have you used them? I’d buy one if it worked, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with cheap Chinese equipment

Speaking as a guy who has made a whole whack of sketchy equipment…

This shits ridiculous :joy_cat:

I have been using one of these I got used off eBay. Works fantastic for about 5-100g batches. I do a lot of flavors, so it works great for me.

I believe biospec is a dremel