Dr John MacKay's Extraction Course: two ticket giveaway!

The passes go to @milehighdabz and @Jc1944

The fine people at Mace Media are doing it again. I’ve got two seats for next week’s extraction course taught by Dr. John MacKay.

This is in person, Wednesday the 8th, in Indianapolis, in person.

This course will cover extraction basics for both mushrooms and cannabis. This is a lecture-based course but Dr. MacKay uses a lot of interactive demonstrations when he speaks.

This is worth the flight to Indianapolis. Send me a DM of you’re interested.

Also, rumor has it that @ky_cbd and some other #GLG folks are putting together a little meetup.


Dr. John is a great guy. He’s helped me with a few things and I’d love to make it to that meeting.
Thanks for sharing @Sidco_Cat


Is that a possibility for you?

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I wish, but I cannot make that one.
I am interested in the Charlotte seminar though.

I’m trading to get something going with the Good Life Gang then as well. :sunglasses:

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Maybe by then I’ll be in the glg. Sounds fun

Wow, what a great opportunity. I learned a lot about CO2 extraction from reading John’s papers. I recommend anyone who can make the trip do so. Very interested to see how mushroom extraction compares to cannabis. I am considering trying to make the Charlotte seminar. Do you have to be in the gang to go to the meetups?


Unfortunately I can’t make Indy but I’m getting Charlotte set up for Jan 31st-feb 2nd @DeutscheProcess is likely hosting. Lining up sponsors for a mansion party and possibly an infused dinner as well :call_me_hand:


Heck yes!!


Marc and Kellie are very interested think it would really bring it all together thanks for the help

Any chance you will be giving tickets away for the Charlotte seminar in January?

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Any chance you might do something like this again for the Seattle seminar in February?

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Hit them up! Tell them you heard about it on the Future 4200 Forum. Let’s do it!

Any extraction classes that are coming up would love to know about them and how to go I know everyone likes to play it close to the chest but please share the info so we can further the cause if we don’t help each other out what is the use

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I don’t think anyone wants to keep these courses a secret. Are you guys on Instagram? That’s another good way of keeping up on what’s coming.

Yes but what places and sites

There’s things coming up in the future, however it’s rude to relay that information in a post like this. I promised if you look, you will see

Any Meany Miny Moe that is the shit I’m talking about looking were doesn’t help tell me and I will go