Dogg lbs. What's Snoop Dogg really up to? Marketing. Giving up the smoke

He’s done with the smoke, but he’s not done with making clouds.

THCA vapes eh

Reminds me of the time White Rhino and T.I. released the Hustle Gang Pens and I was lead sales. Hustle Gang Vaporizer | Personal Vaporizer | White Rhino – White Rhino Products

lucky for them, they can actually put product in it. What 8 years can change!


I’m guessing a marketing move


Seeing as how he’s got a 2.25 million dollar vaporizer deal underway, I’d say so!

This just looks like another desperate play by a company on the verge of being delisted by nasdaq. The company has a market cap of 11 million, last year’s revenue was only like $3mm(on pace for less than half of that this year), and eps is negative

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It didn’t work for White Rhino. It won’t work for them.

Even getting awarded as #1 in sales, I saw the big picture as desperate marketing hail mary to move low grade product. Just reminds me heavily of the same deal.

I wonder if Snoop understands what he’s endorsing :joy:

I’m all for the flower loophole. There is not a loophole for vapes LOL


this is why snoop is a cornball fuckin loser. He does any deal he can . with the shittiest , corniest raps on the commercials. now he makes an attention seeking post like anyone gives 2 fucks he’s stopped smoking, all just to market his shitty little vape you’ll most likely see him sucking like a dick everywhere he goes

I can see it now .

“damn, this new legal vape is the new sizzle. trust snoop dogg. smoking is for losers”

FUCK snoop “dizzle” . fuck that guy.


this is snoop dogg

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Have you seen Cheech and Chong? What’s wrong with selling out?

You wouldn’t take good money for little effort? A little Soul selling didn’t harm anyone.

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Snoop is realizing he is getting higher on edibles and concentrates. He can technically say he is quitting smoking if he just sticks to vaping and eating. All this brought on by a few new deals. I am sure snoop boofs his meds, he is just not willing to admit it.


Boof Snoops™️ or Snoop Boofs™️

Not affiliated with Snoop Dogg. - is the slogan.


he’s like kevin heart. white ppl just eat this shit up and I have absolutely no clue why. it’s like everyone just likes him because they think they’re supposed to or something?


Star privilege is real. Money magnets

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So much hate for someone making money. :rofl::joy::rofl:


I just hope he’s not hinting at lung cancer or something bad, but all signs point to him making $

Dude would be #1 for a lung transplant ad

believe it or not, it’s possible to hate someone regardless of the amount of money they have. that doesn’t effect how i view a person and their ethics. making a fake emotional post about how he talked to his close friends and family and “decided to quit the smoke” just to promote his shitty little vapes , is shady as fuck.

yea he used to be a LA crip like 30 years ago. that’s IT. and because of that, we are supposed to like him and respect him. He’s not skilled, his acting is subpar , his rapping sucks ass, and all he does is sellout on shitty ads just like kevin heart. but unlike kevin, he isn’t even a good role for anything at all- they just hire him on because again, people just think he is cool for absolutely no reason.

I don’t like playing a cog in the big machine so to speak.

take someone like @qma he makes his money, but respects himself and runs a tight ship- he doesn’t like certain products for ethical reasons and refuses to sell them . that’s the type of businessman I respect.

not some washed up rat


They pay out a few million to whoever, make a big deal draw in a whole slew of new investors right before getting smacked on earnings and bam rug pull. These never end well, puts it is


Very well said.