Does anyone like this large-capacity disposable pen?

3ml & 4ml Delta8 Disposable Vape.


I meant to send a message

I need this

Thank you. :+1:

Hi old friend, this product is great, but it’s a pity we don’t have it.
Our vape battery is like this.

im really bummed that myster still exists. they owe me 134 dollars

I just want the China plug on the hardware. Let’s work to end this company by finding the source

DM you

Thank you, friend :handshake:

what happened? how come myster own you 134 dollars

They had a 99 dollar kit (plus shipping) in 2015 that was of the absolute worst quality. When I attempted a return they refused me even though I cleaned the used pieces. When I asked to return the unused components minus the used ones, they told me they would not refund me.

Its been a while but the kit was a battery with a dry herb vape and grinder. The dry herb vape had a plastic chamber and would combust the flower touching it without combusting the flower above it. I didn’t use the wax pen, as I already had an extremely useful manual mod that would instantly vaporize dabs. The battery was of average quality, and the grinder was as well. As a whole, the kit wasn’t worth its 99 dollar price tag.