Does anyone in Vancouver Canada have b80??

I’ve gotta bang out a quick cleanup run on some shatter before I head to burning man. Canadian suppliers won’t get it to me in time. Does anyone on the island or mainland have 2kg I can buy? Evolved doesn’t carry it yet.


I have a 50lb bag of b80


Awesome, are you in Vancouver? Am I able to come by somewhere? Will buy the full bag if that works

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I can get some for you either tomorrow or Thursday.



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I am also looking for some, located in the lower mainland but will drive anywhere within reason let me know thanks guys.

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Hey dude sorry about the ghosting, it’s been a hectic week for us, but I definitely have some on hand now, so shoot me a dm @KrazyKanuck you too!

Send me a msg if u guys need b80 in British Columbia

You able to get it to Ontario?

I can ship some Monday.