Does anyone have experience with Steam Extraction

I am just curious if anyone has experience in Steam extraction? We have an ethonal extraction system that creates a bubble hash before we turn into distillate and our Screens kept breaking over and over so we my lab techs want to move over to steam extraction.

I am not in the lab ever as i run a few other companies and live in the east coast and the lab is in colorado (Hopefully soon ill be out at the lab 24/7) but i just wanted to know if anyone has experience with stem extraction and what you could tell me or my techs about it.

Elaborate the extraction wanted
Biomass ?
Steam distillation i only use rarely for terpenes or poisons :grinning:Another hobby of mine


We extract Wet and dry biomass into Bubble Hash, So terpenes would be amazing to capture but we are looking to make the switch for our bubble hash needs.

One moment your goal is to extract cannabinoids by means of Steam to make bublle hash

Steam disstilation is a slow method of extracting anything of biomass
If done under vacuum very dellicate oils can be extracted
Like the real rosé oil
The oil comes allong with the solvent that passes treu in a vapor form
Even water can be used as solvent
But your end product is a liquid there is absolutly No biomass at the other side
Solvent and extracted oil or light volitile fraqtion

Like i said i am no lab tech. Sales person at heart.

I am just a partner in my new lab have equity and a little bit of say. They wanted me to find out if anyone has used steam extraction from biomass to bubble hash so im here asking.

Basically what you are saying it is best for terpenes and other oils so we wouldnt end up with a bubble hash.

You need someone else on here. I don’t think you have the necessary background to even be asking these questions. Ethanol extraction doesn’t produce bubble hash and if you tried to distill real bubble hash you wouldn’t get any kind of good result. Better question might be this challenge you think you’re having with the screens breaking; why don’t you ask about trying to fix that one because it should not be a problem.


Hey buddy,
I feel completely out of my depth here, as I am only a beginner in terms of the biosciences, and am only on my third year of growing (in Australia, it is still very illegal), but my passion to know everything there is to learn about cannabis is unlimited.
I have been searching for information as to what the hell ive just made. I took the stovetop espresso coffee maker, and filled it with dry biomass, ground to a variety of consistencies, and brewed it, just like I would a cup of coffee.
I have read above that steam isn’t a reliable enough solvent to capture the cannabinoids, but it’s good to extract terpenes?

So have I got a terpene rich mug of cannabis tea? Honestly I just wanna throw it down my throat and see what happens, but I’d like to know what’s happening too.
Thanks for your patience with this layman. I start my degree in less than two weeks.
Smoke up!

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Nah man. Steam distillation requires vacuum. 100% different thing. You just made weed tea. It’s got all the goods in it. Drink it. Slowly.


My limited understanding is that the good stuff is fat soluble, not water soluble. Make some cannabutter, and look at the water that is thrown away after the butter solidifies. It is really gross looking and not something I would want to consume. Not poison, just dirty.

price on a kilo of hemlock extract? (joke).

I would be curious to see if using dry steam would be an effective strategy.

I’ve played with the idea, but pushing temps that high degrades terpenes. That’s why using vac with steam extraction yields a better quality product than running without vac. It would also be a bitch to set up and run with precision.

I’d really like to see some papers on the degradation process for terpenes, and what, if any, role pressure has in the process.

It’s not a paper, but here’s a nugget for you:

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