Does any like 2ml vape cartridges , pen or disposables?

I know most of consumers are still using .5/1ml cartridges and disposables. It’s still the market trend.

But does anyone have the same idea of using 2ml.


As the prices of filled 1ml cartridges are tanking, selling a 2ml at 1.5x the 1ml price is a sound business model. They cap the THC in CA cannabis vapes at 1000mg, meaning 1ml cartridges are the limit. 2ml is the way to go in non-thc9 vapes from business and consumer pricing perspectives.

Yeah, that is true. 2 ml may cost less cause you don’t need to pay bouble to buy two carts. It feels like more cost efficient. And as the ceramic coil keeps updating, Fast heating and big vapor smooth taste runs out of the oil quicker than before.

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Here 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml disposable vape pen.

Here is 2ML All Glass cartridges, any interest or inquiries, pls do feel free to contact.

Boshang 2Ml Disposable, Slim and elegant.

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Hey, we have 2.0ml disposable vape pen.

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We customized 2ml Pods for a group in distributing Delta 8 vapes in Alabama and Florida. Definitely worth looking into for the hemp derived cannabinoid market!

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Releafy 2ML disposable
DM if you have any interests.


μKERA Ultra uses food-grade ceramic raw materials and precious metal heating elements, which are sintered and formed at high temperature. Coupled with the unique patented technology, the heating area is 3 times larger and the heating effect is uniform, which can bring a better product experience.

● μKERA Ultra Technology
● All Levels Viscosity Range
● Inhale Activated
● Rechargeable Type-C Port
● Size: 97.3519.4511.5mm
● Cartridge Capacity: 0.5g/1.0g
● Battery Capacity: 265mAh
● Output Voltage: 3.4V
● Coil Resistance: 1.55-1.85ohm
● Charging: USB-C