Does a blacklist exist?

I heard there is a blacklist of companies to be aware of in the Cannabis and Hemp/CBD industries.

Does anyone have any information on where this is located or how I can get a hold of them?

I have heard of companies adding “research chemicals” provided by pharmaceutical companies into products for the consumer.

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I thought it was only a matter of time. End consumers want lower and lower prices. The race to the bottom gets scary when people start digging.

This is a risky one hit wonder, as research chemicals can put people in the hospital. Know your supply chain. Pay attention to quality. People who skimp on quality equipment (carts/terps/packaging) are gonna skimp elsewhere.


Do you mean these guys ? That list is community generated and I’m not sure its moderated at all. I wouldn’t put too much faith in it but maybe there is another list I don’t know about.


Sorry, I should have clarified a bit more.

I meant a blacklist of companies AND individuals in the industry that behave or conduct business in unethical ways.

For example, I know of a gentleman who claims to have a Private Equity Firm in the Cannabis Industry who is straight up embezzling money, and committing fraud. He has a CBD manufacturing facility in Colorado but even after 5 months he still hasn’t been able to deliver product to any client.

I have heard of a place where these types of people can be blacklisted to make sure they don’t do anymore harm to anyone else in the community.

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Hi, I actually work for a CBD manufacturing place and am curious about who this is. We are in CO. PM me if you don’t want to say on the forum

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Does this joker go through a new partner every month or so? Had to hire an entirely new four shifts because they all quit? Had three executive assistants quit in three months?

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Or just crappily cleaned synthetic CBD (not to mention synthetic CBD will likely be a racemic mixture).
A friend and I ran GC analysis of some sketch isolate from a Colorado producer which was suspected of making a friend sick, found a bunch of mystery peaks as well as CBD


only in notebooks of maney different individuals, each will be different… some may overlap all depends on your area and how well you know it.


The blacklist should be called the wack-list, because it is reactive, not proactive. And sensational. I swear I saw a video of them burning cheese on there


If there’s a list. Seaside cbd shojld be at the top of te list. Do not deal with them people syraigjt crooks

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There is a Blacklist on Facebook ive seen. There is also a group of people in the west that are in a group text which out people and brokers.

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there is an insider list that is password protected and very clamped down, I have a contact who is a member of the org that shares that kind of info, its run pretty tight… any public list is just a mud slinging competition.


We have a closed loop extractor blacklist and hemp biz blacklist on facebook with hundreds of members

Make sure to add seaside cbd farm. They are straight thiefs

its Been stated but there is another one we have but it’s just brokers in CA and that’s a stamp only invite.

Can we please blacklist posting screen shots of arguments online?

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Can we please not start a mud slinging thread?

Take the blacklisting to facebook and reddit.

I have many folks I would love to out for absolutely terrible business practices but I am not going to bring that kind of drama and boring nonsense to this forum.

Lets stay on task: R&D, knowledge sharing, LEVELING UP

focus on the worst side of this industry will only dilute and draw energy away from the good.


No personal names, dude.

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Got a link?