Do you want to create a personalized pattern on the vape

Hey Guys, I would like to show you our newest colorful printing technology. As we all know, traditional vape is limited by the color, usually it only allow to customize 2~3 logo colors, or you pay high fee to print complicated logo design.

But now we have solved this issue, for our newest 1ml and 2ml vape you can print with any complicated drawing and color, it doesn’t have color limiting! Some clients will make thier flavors design or cannabis flower design on vape to highlight brand information.

Do you believe we can do anything for FREE?


How much for 10k / 100k pens. 1ml. Post it on here so other people can see your quote.


OP gets +1 for actual English and not saying stuff like “this is best cart of market, all ceramic is for the make of excellent draw!”


Can you make me one that looks like I’m sucking on a tiny cock?


That is already what it looks like.


Honestly though if they have clean metal tests and hit alright then these look pretty cool. I think the design would appeal to customers.

How do you fill these?


Hmmmm I wonder how hard these with the slayer logo would be…

I firmly believe metalheads smoke WAY more weed than hippies/wooks since they hold down jobs


Filling oil from top Sir, I just sent you DM for filling oil instruction

Thank you! And Yes our team always is the quality first, in order to provide a healthy vaping, all of our metal material is food grade, which had passed heavy metal testing even in MI!

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Something about counting chickens…


Maybe if people buy individually branded carts then there will be less need for extravagant packaging that’s just gonna end up in a land fill.

I’m dubious.

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We can make it if your clients like


Thank you so much!

Just need to find the right investor to give a handjob to and this brand is a go…


Poor Sam is gonna have to Google what a tiny cock looks like


Those samples I showed just is for review. You can send us any drawings that you want on the vape, for example, we can print the flower photo as vape design.

There might be smaller disposables so you could just scale “tiny” to the end user. :man_shrugging:

The math is equivalent to the handjob scene from Silicon Valley & I’m simply not qualified.

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So close, yet so far. Oh well, maybe next time…

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I know a few metalheads and can firmly say, yes.

They smoke mad hash and flower.

They would probably find it pretty cool


and for everyone else that may be curious…

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