Do I need a chiller for SPD


Hello and thank you for your input!!

I’ve been doing a lot of research the past several weeks and have found some conflicting information. Many people are stating a chiller is not necessarily for a SPD(5L), yet almost every “turn-key it” is sold with a chiller included.

If someone could please explain a little further I would really appreciate it.

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the “chiller” is actually a recirculating heater that warms the condenser on the head. This is inplace to keep things flowing, it can also help to keep undesirables in the vapor phase so they end up in the cold trap and not your receiving flask.

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Thank you!


the chiller isnt 100% necessary, its nice to have, and you should have one, but you can get by with a big pot, an aquarium pump and one of these bad boys>%20Sous%20Vide&cm_ite=6561828&gclid=CjwKCAjw8e7mBRBsEiwAPVxxiOmX49Ta7ReIlouYAZv_FLHjxBtMHiG0Ysqyo64s-bqMil9M59qKMhoCUPgQAvD_BwE

there are cheaper ones on amazon, this is just from a quick google, they are called sous vides

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