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Item Model/Manufacturer:China
Description:rotary evaporator and chiller
Price/MSRP: $5000+
Current location of item:USA
Estimated lead time: 7-15Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: one year

Rotary evaporator /R-1050
Details: The bottle is placed in a water bath and heated at a constant temperature while it spins. Under the negative pressure of the rotating bottle, the solution in the bottle is heated, diffused, evaporated, concentrated and dried. This is an ideal recovery essential and basic tool.

Chiller /DLSB-50/80
-80° 50L 220V 3 phase cooler, can cool ethanol to -80°, used for extraction chiller,
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Reservoir: 17L
Flow: 35L/min
Lift: 12m
Refrigerant: R404/R23A
Coolant temperature: -80℃
Cooling capacity:
0°C: 12050W
-20°C: 11062W
-40°C: 6688W
-60C: 2378W
-80C: 1350w
Overall power: 10500W
Max. Input Current: 26 amps
Power supply: 220V/60Hz 3 phase
Environment temperature: 5~35℃

The DSRB-50/80 refrigeration is awesome!


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Hello there! I’m working on integrating distillation at the company I work for, and we might be interested in buying this rotovap. Is it still available?

Sure, dear friend, there is a small amount in stock, I left a message for you, please check.

Any chiller

Yes, dear friend, we have been specializing in equipment for many years and can customize them for you.

-20 -70 small one only need to chill my tank little one and my collection pot any big used ones

How big is your tank?

25 pounder 10 “ bowl

I sent the model to you.

Were did you send it

Sent, please check message

Thanks lots to look at need a big used one if the price is right

We are brand new and come with a warranty, so you can get a good deal without using it later.

Of course, I hope you can find all the right ones.

There are two set chillers and one set rotary evaporator stock in US warehouse,
which can be pick up at any time.