Do any adsorbents work better in ethanol than a nonpolar solvent like pentane or heptane?

Is there any adsorbents that work better to lighten the color of oil in ethanol than in pentane/heptane? From what I’ve read, most of the common media (T5, T41, AC, B80, magsil, etc.) work better in hydrocarbons than they do in ethanol. If one was going to do CRC on ethanol extracted oil, is there any reason to preform any scrubs on the oil while it’s still dissolved in ethanol? Or is it best to just evap the ethanol, redissolve oil in non polar solvent (pentane or heptane) and then preform CRC?


Not any that I can think of. Hydrocarbons are much more selective to thc, ethanol doesn’t give a shit and will dissolve anything and everything.

Not realy but medium results are achieved by passing etho volume several times treu same puck

you will get better results re dissolving your oil in an alkane and passing it through a puck of the powders you choose.

In my experience, AC does the most in ethanol, but leaves your extract tinted red. Best to extract cold and avoid as many non-cannabinoids as you can.

Also, you don’t have to evap the etoh to move the cannabinoids into the hydrocarbon. Liquid Liquid Extraction has several benefits, and is itself a purity step. Add some pH buffered salt water and you can degum and saponify at the same time


Ethanol is much more reactive than alkanes as well. Many adsorbants act as catalysts and when using ethanol, this property is more apparent. The risk is isomerization to d8 for Thc and just Thc in general for Cbd

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There are other powders out there that work great with ethanol…coming soon to a store near you


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If you wanted to use a polar solvent like ethanol then get some non polar media. The reason crc does anything at all is due to the differences in polarity between the stationary phase and the mobile phase.

Lots of polymer adsorbents could potentially work, but the polymer adsorbents arent cheap and thats a problem to a lot of folks.