DIY vacuum chamber

Doing a diy vacuum chamber build. Trying to go as cheap as possible while still maintaining all functionality. I’m skeptical but I’ve seen you tube builds made of wood ?!? Going to use my old vacuum chamber glass top as a window instead of buying 1 inch thick acrylic for a top/ window. Haven’t seen anyone building a successful all acrylic/plexiglass vacuum chamber box but that would be ideal … would love to not build one tho if anyone knows any good ones for a decent price . Want something I can put a multilevel kitchen cooling rack in



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use that massive material column you have


Maybe just don’t comment next time :pray:

maybe use google

a used .9 is probably gonna be cheaper long term than anything you build yourself

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Lol yea I saw all those videos . Not sure what a .9 is tho ?

It’s a vac oven. .9 is the sqft of the oven itself I believe.
Also, if you’re hell bent on doing this yourself you can just go pick up a stock pot of Salvation Army, and use that with plumbing fixtures if you don’t have everything already run through the the lid of your chamber.


Pressure cooker chamber with 1” acrylic on top is your best bet for diy. But it’s probably cheaper to buy a pot chamber used off eBay or whatever.

You won’t be able to build something with all the functionality of a vacuum oven unless you are proficient in building things like that and have stuff lying around. BUT, It’s the type of thing that pays for itself after one use so why overcomplicate it?

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So many used ones floating around

Why would someone even attempt to build one?


Why, simply because they Can my Good Man!
Just need to make sure you have a seal with any fixtures you have to install. It’s shouldn’t be very complicated at all if he were to be able to get a good price on the “chamber” portion. If you’re having to spend more than $75 bucks to build, buy it new because it’s the same price. If you can build it for $30-$40 bucks then it’s worth it

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I build six once upon a time. Cost less than $200. Mind you, I had a 3’x3’x1” polycarbonate window from a check cashing place lying around, and used 10” diameter pots sourced from St Vinnies.

The $10 pressure cooker gaskets were the most expensive item…and 1/2 the build cost might have been the air hose “octopus” that hooked them all up to the vacuum pump.

Heating was seedling mats (again, had them in hand).

They worked ok…but an actual vacuum oven made a world of difference, and I wouldn’t recommend emulating my setup.

By all means build ONE, just put buying a used oven on the short list as well.

Edit: here are the first three…

Looks like I had not yet found the stash of seedling mats…vacuum pump lived outside.


Now we know, the Cyclopath does things at multitude of 6x’s to our 1!
That’s just math, and you can’t argue with math!

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You are very correct ovens do make all the difference

I tossed mine and never looked back(lid was falling apart anyways)


I DIY’d a vac pot from a stock pot and a lit/gasket from an existing one. Not sure how practical it is but I needed something to fit that form factor


I realize I can buy a cheap pot vacuum chamber but they suck. I want something I can put a kitchen cooling rack in so I can have multiple Pyrex pans degassing at ounce. What’s the benefit to having a 1000-2000 dollar oven when All I need to do is keep it 85ish degrees ? Was going to use seedling mats to heat

What’s the difference? I’ve never used a real oven

And if anyone has a used oven for sale lmk

Create a bucket type vacuum chamber and a wire rack you can drop down into it with multiple levels for the slabs, surround the bucket chamber with a couple 5 gallon heating jackets w/ adjustable temps put a heating mat below…
I built a few 1.9 cu ft vacuum chambers with heat surrounding the whole thing for a few hundred bucks each, forgot the exact specs may have posted on here before

I believe I used the 15 gallon bvv vac chambers when they were still making them


Yea I just saw one of those on amazon that i was thinking of buying . Haven’t found a multi tier rack that will fit in it nicely tho but I’m sure I should be able to find one. But they were like 350 and I’m pretty sure I can make a wooden one with my old vac chamber top as a porthole window and probably get everything done with scrap wood I have laying around