DIY/Small scale milling?

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It has been such a long time since I’ve been able to step onto the platform, so I hope everyone is doing well!

I am in the midst of a slight expansion, not necessarily on the throughput side, but more on the safety side! My company that I work for has been doing Bucket Tek for quite a long time, and while it works, we are moving to a more expansive system for the upcoming rec market and opening new stores.

Been looking into a CUP15 or similar style system, and the most common denominator I see when utilizing any system of this type is mill sizing.

I tried searching but could only find really HIGH throughput options that I dont need - are there any smaller scale milling systems that work well for uniform size but not a powder consistency, even one hand powered? I’ve seen some where people are milling inside a 5-gallon bucket for this use, but I cant seem to locate anything for this purpose. Looking to Mill 12-15lbs at a time so I dont need anything huge.

Thank you all in advance!

Have you had a look on this thread yet?:


I have used an electric drill and a paint mixer bit to grind a hemp crop grown for seed. Screen it however you like and regrind what doesn’t pass through the screen. I think the mixer bit is a little better than a sharp blade in regard to not releasing as much chlorophyll.

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My go to was frozen (cured) biomass into -40 to -80C ethanol in a keg IN a freezer (temp depended on which freezer).

Mix with brushless or air powered drill and 4” stainless mixer. Blend until desired mill is achieved.

Could get 1lb per gal as what I would now consider a pumpable slurry. Probably way less stems than your input though.

Pretty sure that’s here somewhere else as well, probably on the thread @SidViscous pointed at above :shushing_face:


I don’t know if anyone else does this - but this is what I’ve been using for like… 3 years? They are easy to clean, low dust, sold for getting my small batches (10-15lbs of material) handled, and they don’t make too much powder - think using a hand grinder, not a coffee grinder.

There’s a bit of an art to it - you can’t just leave it on forever… and you do have to replace the whips on the inside like every 100 batches or so.

But I like it a lot better than the other options people have shared with me, including different milling blades and even a system that just “beats” the buds over a mesh grate.

Oh also - that post @SidViscous shared has so many kinds of options in it. I didn’t like fitz mill / hammer milling - so much dust everywhere. And I didn’t like comil, cause it was so hard to clean.

And I 100% agree that the pre-roll Futrola tool was too complex. The one I shared is basically a streamlined, one button and you’re done method. They even have one now that will sift out the stems - if you start with bigger stems in your biomass. -shrug-

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We use a plastic granulator mill. Plenty of affordable options and the size of the screen will only allow certain sized particles past.

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We tried to use one of these for our harvest waste. It as a fucking disaster lol

lots of sticks and stems and branches? Our biomass is pretty much free of any stick or stems.

Yeah pretty much exclusively wet stems from bucked material with a side of root balls… It wasn’t a shining moment for us lol.

FWIW we pretty much exclusively handle fresh/fresh frozen material and that narrows the options down to cryo-temp methods almost exclusively

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That makes sense, it sounds like you needed either a way bigger granulator or just skip the bullshit and rent a tree chipper.

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We actually use what I can only describe as a giant sauerkraut blender lol. Working on getting an incinerator permitted though because it’s a lot of work to grind the junk up. The granulator we were using for reference was 10hp. It just didn’t have a tight enough clearance to really cut the stem fibers. They’re basically just lower-tolerance knife mills

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