DIY CLS Chiller

I’m currently having issues with sourcing dry ice for my little passive closed loop and was wondering if anybody has any experience with adapting a regular cls with for use with a chiller? I have an idea for some kind of system but I’m not sure if I’m thinking it is going to be simpler than it actually is as I haven’t used any chilled before and I’m not sure about pressure and what sort of adaptations I’d have to make.

Its a simple system, just an unjacketed solvent and recovery tank, (thinking maybe I could find some kind of larger spool, seal it at the top and drill holes for circulation) and an open top jacketed material column with a drain port at the bottom ( I think I could seal it at the top with an outlet port ).

I’m in the UK so access to some things is difficult.
Also apologies if I’ve missed a thread on this, looked pretty hard but couldnt find anything, and thank you guys so much for all the information on here already, truly a gold mine.


using a chiller on your tank, base and/or column rather than Dry ice is pretty standard fare. generally done using jacketed (rather than sleeved as you have) parts.

you’re not going to get far with a DIY chiller -27C (no load) is the best I’ve managed. you want -50C or better.

do you TIG weld?

I have seen attempts at “jacketed” without welding, and I’d suggest you not take that route.

you might find some of the threads linked here helpful Dewar Ditty

and Search results for 'chiller hack' - Future4200 probably has good reading too

Bit of a long story but I may be able to get a lab chiller, is that what you mean by DIY or did you mean building my own? I haven’t been able to get details yet about what I can get but I would have thought -30 or something, probably wont be great. What I’m currently running is just trim and so I’m not particularly worried about running as cold as possible for the cleanest because it’s getting decarbed and I have a large backup that I need to sort, on anything nicer I’ll go back to the dry ice slurry on occasion but it’s not practical right now for the bulk of what I’m doing, I just want to be able to recover without dry ice really, even if it takes longer.

I have some welding experience but I’m definitely rusty, if i am able to get hold of a kit I could probably get some practice and get it done if its necessary, but any other option before that would be better if there is any.

Thank you so much, just having a read now and really helpful, alot of material there.

Appreciate the help!

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“DIY CLS Chiller” could imply that you were planning on building your own chiller.

which it turns out is a thing.

not something I’d recommend for chilling a CLS, because they won’t get cold enough (unless you’re really good at that stuff).

Also not what you meant

yeah, whole bunch of info :wink:

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Yeah totally fair, just realised how the title came across lol. That’s absolutely not where I wanna take this, just praying I can make something work because it will completely change my life, I have a 3d printer so was wondering whether I could print some kind of cap frame and cover it In some kind of resin that could seal it and deal with the low temperatures but I really only realised this could be a thing a few hours ago and clearly I have alot of reading to! Thanks again for your help