Distilling CBD vs THC

I am new to distillation, so I have been reading as much as I can in this forum. I am trying to develop SOPs for CBD distillation. Much of what is written is about THC distillation. How much difference between THC and CBD distillation is there? Is the boiling point of CBD much higher in vacuum distillation systems?


Their boiling points are very close thus everyone’s struggle to to separate the different fractions. There are other factor at play(sublimation) but I will let others who have a better understanding than myself address those issues.

@Integritylab stated they are almost the same
So Any sop on SPD Will work for a high cbd content or thc content
When cbd is hemp derived the amounts ars less in your crude so that is only real diffrence a lot of work for less gold
Good cleaning pre disstilation sop s
Are beneficial to the SPD run

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Sure and if it’s done with vaccum it becomes even more problematic as that collapses the difference between boiling points; just go online and look at a nomograph.


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