Distilling cbd under acidic conditions

Hello all,

I wanted to know how much cbd would isomerize if you were to add cbleach. Would it be better to add an acid? If you did add an acid, would you want to a liquid to liquid extraction post distillation to make sure no acid is left?

That’s the great thing about T41 clay (aka cbleach), it has lewis acid activity without needing an aqueous phase. You just filter the clay at the end of the reaction and proceed.

That’s the reason I wanted to use cbleach instead of a straight up acid. Just seems easier. But the real question is how much it will convert. Hoping someone would have this answer before I go buy a few kg of cbd distillate.

What is it isomerising into?

Not too sure exactly what info he is looking for but i know for sure if you add c-bleach to cbd in your boiling flask ALL of the CBD will isomerize to delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC. If he is speaking on using c-bleach to clean up crude or something like that i believe if heat isn’t applied there shouldn’t be much isomerization going on.

That’s what I wanted! All the cbd? So we can say it’ll have at least an 80% efficiency? Just got distillate. Will pass it under acidic conditions tomorrow and tested Monday. Will report back.


Efficiency wise not sure on exact %s but you shouldn’t see that much of a loss in total cannabinoids. I’m unfortunately not able to mess around with THC isomerization where im at now but when i was in a legal state i did get to do it and see it work like that first hand. But yes ND CBD and about 35% d8 35% d9 was my result. It was cool how it just happen to be about a 50/50 split between d8 and d9 i think that was a coincidence and it seems like maybe if i ran hotter and quicker i could have converted everything to d8 eventually? not sure but i think it goes CBD > D9 > D8 as far as degradation goes.