Distilled Water

Can anyone recommend a good water distillation system? I need 500 gallons per day. Will an RO system or water softener work for Brine water?

Ro,just fine!

Thank you. Any preferred brand of equipment?

This is what I use.

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yea i used RO for my grows for a long time and you can accomplish this pretty easily. If its legit brine not just slightly salty then you might need to replace filters more often.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks. I’m going to use it for water only to then make the brine.

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makes more sense

He is referring to water that will be used to create a brine. Not filtration of a brine.

I got it now, im just use to people referring to making brine I thought he would have said saline or something.



Hydrologic has a 1000gpd system that works well.

thats only for natural water if you look a recipe for saline they make it a .9 percent salt to h2o which would be 90 ppt