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This category is for all things cannabis distillation, from Short Path to Wiped Film and everything in between.


Just to say hi from Hydrion Scientific Instrument. We are the equipment provider, we have short path distillation kits, wiped film distillation systems, jacketed reactors, rotary evaporators and etc.


What’s your prices?

Thanks for your interests, are you talking about the wiped film only or all the products. please check out our web (search hydrionsciences in google) for pricing. You can find the pricing on the online store page. or simple message us.

When i go to visit your site, it says that its not published.

Hi @Ender, we have updated the website and the new address is hydrionsciences (Hydrion Scientific Instrument ). Sorry about the confusion.

Is there anywhere on the forum where there is an accurate description of what cat 2 and cat 3 distillate are? i tried using the search function i reckon im just not great at it. sorry and thanks in advance.

is probably you should ask the state of CA

they are is make those rules.

all knowing one says try this

but I no is ask hard. so could be other answer.

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Hello, I am trying to make CDB distillate with normal distillation, but unfortunately it dosent work. I did TLC on what i get and see few spot on it, so it’s probably not pure. Color is violet and smell is like cat piss…

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