Distillate waste/residue

Has anyone found or know any commercial applications for distillate residue? We have approximately 68 kg and would be interested to see if there is a secondary market for the waste.


Construction companies like kraton use these chemical feedstocks from plant waste. Paper companies like Georgia Pacific feed all of their terpenes and pitch to secondary companies that make polyamides, fuel additives, paints, coatings, and adhesives.

They test an array of physical properties of each waste like tensile, sheer, UV resistance, ect. strength, then hand it off to people with ideas for the product like turning asphalt or sealing it (as a totally arbitrary example, I don’t suggest you patch your roads with your res).

Forgot to finish my thought - it’s hard to compete with a waste stream like Georgia Pacific or dundermifflen. Think building sized rolled films producing drums of waste every half hour. I don’t know about selling it for anything crazy but there are theoretic uses.

Thanks for the info. At this point I would not care giving it away knowing it wouldn’t be sitting in a landfill, but could be researched for other emerging market products.

@Bridge was soliciting the stuff at one point…

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What % residual cannabinoids?

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Don’t have 500 kilos but have approximately 50 kilos with more processing starting next week to yield some more. Not sure if we could get to your 500 Kilos number. We also do not have a COA but we could probably get one for you if you needed it.

Did you ever figure anything out from this?

has anyone made any connections in this area? we’re currently using a 3rd-party service to come pick up and destroy our waste compliantly but I will always wonder if our distillation waste could be funneled to someone who could actually make use of it. even if i only broke even cost wise I’d be happier knowing it didn’t just go into a landfill

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@Future ?!?

Wonder if algae would consume it?

This kombucha leather project I’m involved with was looking for some kind of coating I’d bet residue could work great as a coating agent similar to expoxy on fiberglass

interesting, that could be a use. this material does get very sticky/tacky when it’s exposed to heat, even human body heat in contact for long enough would result in stuff on your fingers. i suppose as soon as it gets a layer of dust/particulate it could be ok (kinda like asphalt)


I think with the right chemistry it will polymerize so it becomes solid and doesn’t melt as easily.
Wish I had more time and space to experiment.

definitely agree. we’ve experienced residues at certain points that exhibit very different behavior, at room temp and higher–SUPER brittle, took a lot of heat to melt, and then very quickly solidified again. i remarked at the time it resembled a polymer, and suspected that somehow some polymerization happened during our process. some of my ops pointed out that there seemed to be a correlation with sulfur-contaminated extract material, though i can’t say that we cared to track it closely enough to confirm–not enough time or value to be gotten, so i feel you on that last point