Distillate turned green in plastic container

First off this was not my doing, but I’m curious and want answers to wtf actually happened!

An acquaintance had packaged a liter or two into plastic media bottles. These proceeded to turn green a few days later from what he told me. I’m assuming he didn’t wash out the media bottle and it was coated in something. Any thoughts? This is how it looks now in a mason. Just curious on what actually happened, plastic anything is a big no no for me so I’m just curious!

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Any idea what type of plastic?

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I believe something like this.

Says HDPE, however I can’t be certain it was an HDPE one. Definitely plastic and a media bottle from Grainger. When I see them again I will ask for clarification.

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That answer will get you a lot further towards finding out how this happened than anything.

Happens all the time, just cart that shit up and call it Green Crack

I’ll trade you a purple liter for the green one :joy:


Looks like mixed fractions

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make “the hulk”


how do all the other runs look? Did he wash the bottle before filling it?