Distillate Question

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I recent just got my lab results from my distillate sample. Found under 7% D8. Is this a result of someone using a blend or can this happen during the extraction process?

D9 is testing at 72%
D8 is showing 7%

Total cannibinoids are 86%

Could this be a first pass type of distillate or was it intentional blend, I haven’t seen distillate test under 80

Thanks in advance

Can you detail the process more?

Were any scrubs preformed and how was it distilled?

Not sure. I was give a sample and tested to test it. I have tested over distillates and this is the first time I’ve seen d8 in such low quantity. High levels of D8 suggest an intentional blend. At 7% D8 I don’t know if this could happen unintentionally or if someone attempted to blend it

This is likely a result of you filtering with magic dirt and not getting it all out. Media present at the time of distillation will lead to isomerization.

Only time you should ever have D8 in distillate is if that’s what you’re trying to make. Whether you start with THC, CBD, CBG or whatever major cannabinoid, only way D8 will be present is if you didn’t clean the crude or intentionally added something to force the conversion.


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That last statement is false. I have a couple thc strains that produce it naturally. It’s not a lot, but 2.5-3% by the time it’s extracted and distilled

No magic dirt in this process :grimacing:

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I get like 1.5mg of d8 from my strains in my runs.

No magic dirt, I dont believe in magic.

I posted 2 of my lab results on here if you have time to s e a r c h for it.

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I would guess what op has there is a conversion though.


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Thanks y’all

Who’s gonna toss up the iv bag or spoon pic?

And go

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I still have yet to see D8 in any tested cannbis I have come across. Only time I see it in my distillate is if I messed up. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but I am not convinced that the levels of D8 you experience in your distillate aren’t from isomerization.

Even @MagisterChemist, who has run thousands of tests and run an accredited cannabis testing lab, has only seen it in flower in trace amounts. To get 2-3% D8, you have to have 0.3% or better present in the flower. You have tests on the flower that show that? (Not asking for a COA. Your word is more than sufficient)

Extracted and distilled with greater than trace D8 implies (to me) that there is something going on with your process. Acidic conditions can also cause isomerization, not just adding catalysts. Still not convinced it is biosynthesized by the plants. My hypothesis is that the conversion is happening post harvest, across the board.

@Demontrich, this one may need a shovel.


3.5ph etoh may be the cause of mine.


That would be my guess.

It’s still a trace amt, I’m not too worried.

5l total made this way, zero complaints or issues.


0.0015% isn’t exactly something to write home about. Haha

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Did you see my old lab tests? I dont remember the #s

You’re welcome. You got off easy, too! That could have gone south rather quickly. We appreciate you hitting the search. If you weren’t sure what a conversion is, the liklihood of you getting roasted is pretty high.

And @Demontrich, I did not. I’ll see about looking for them if I don’t forget. Haha


Last time we discussed this, I believe @MagisterChemist confirmed he’s seen .1-.2% in flower samples.

.15% in my ibl sour diesel cut

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Not denying you are seeing it. Just challenging (in a friendly way) why it is there.

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