Distillate process help please!

*going from volatiles to my heads when?

thanks bud

My lab can be anywhere between 60-70f depending on the season.

Mantle temp will vary with the crude/ distillate being distilled. For a first distillation of crude figure 215-230. The amount of rings or other theoretical plates you add will also effect this in my experience. That same material will require less heat when you go to redistll. It requires more heat to break everything loose from all the other crap on a first pass. Your current temps will probably be sufficient to distill your main body on a second pass.

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“120c to 190c i get a orangish/yellow color and the color does go from say orangish, to a darker color orangish, to dark, than seems to lighten up and be a nice opaque kind of color and i get a few drops of that and than i slowly starting getting a greener color.”

This part sounds like you are just hitting heads.


Perhaps I misunderstood but did the OP say he has distilled this same batch several times already?

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think im close to mains? any idea why it goes green so quick?

thank you

It didn’t sound like they were successful.

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no i didnt say that, however this is somewhat true yes. when i ran the first and 2nd batch from the same starting material the first time i ran my Hm to 160c than had to set down due to unforeseen other problems. i did it again (2nd time) and ramped a lil quicker from 120c to 155c, than continued my normal ly process of increaing HM by 2c every time the pv catches my sv

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That green is some of the last of your terps coming off. You’ll usually have a little bit of clear stuff that looks and acts like thc, but isn’t, and then your main body


Go high guy

Just keep increasing temperature until stuff spits out.

I also highly recommend a vacuum jacket on your column. Or wrap that whole mf-er in a few layers of tinfoil.


Yup. Tinfoil is good. HFS sells an insulated flask jacket that’s very affordable.

I’ve used fireplace mantle wick THEN foiled the shit out of it when not distilling in a “suitable atmosphere”.

Dress that bitch up like she’s headed out into the worst snowstorm Hoth has ever seen.

@yourmom247 make it a standard practice that when someone says it’s been winterized, assume it’s not. Take 10ml and mix with warmed methanol and float it. That’ll tell you for sure.

This has been standard practice for me after watching people get burnt on “winterized” product.


Don’t trust anything anyone tells you about oil or biomass. ALWAYS assume they are lying until the test results say otherwise. I’ve heard the term “trust but verify”, fuck that. “Verify, verify, verify. Trust your lab that verifies.*. But only after extensive cross verification…


Verify, but verify. Then verify the verificaiton.


I had to verify my verification process so I could verify that my verification process could properly be verified.

Still waiting on results….


That’s the worst part😂

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Oh shit. Peer validation of the verification!

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THIS ^^^^ 100%!

you can boil water in a paper cup over an open flame…

do you understand the implications?

if you’ve got (eg) water in there, the temp is 100C. no matter how hot it is on the other side of the paper.

doesn’t matter what you MANTLE temperature is. it is the temperature of what you’re BOILING in your flask.

without vacuum, THC boils in the range of 420C.

see what happens if you’re not sucking hard enough (you’ve got leaks)?!?

You are NOT going to hit your boiling point (reduce it to whatever temp you’re stopping at and giving up).

so your THC WILL NOT BOIL. which make it really hard to get it into the condensor…

if your mantle is LYING TO YOU about the temp, you also won’t hit your boiling point.


you and your damn tinfoil hats…

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Did someone say tin foil?


one needs to Validate ones verification process…but that’s another topic :wink: