Distillate microwave

Anyone have a model recommendation for a good distillate microwave? Almost broke the one in my kitchen, so I think it’s time for a dedicated one

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Im just curious what would make a microwave “good” for heating distillate? Don’t be putting the whole mason jar in there and leaving the metal lid on haha.


All microwave guts are made by a single supplier. Get the cheapest microwave that you can. You don’t need all the auto sensors and junk right?

Edit: also don’t fuck with the guts, the capacitor can kill you.


Ripped an hdpe cutting board from st vinnie’s to get a flat surface

Added another set of feet so the door opens properly.
Salvaged from something or other at the recycling center…


With my current microwave, I kept it to short bursts but I still overheated the guts. Wouldn’t turn on for an hour or so, then started working again

Glorious, I will be copying this for sure. Thank you

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Flipping the microwave was best trick @cyclopath ever shared to me for such a simple trick…what use to take hrs if I had disty would take no more than 5min 30sec burst and doesn’t change fhe color


@StoneD Would take you longer because you were splitting the disty into multiple smaller jars that would fit in the microwave?

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this microwave also sat outside for a month one summer in a shop sale from next door. Ieventually saw it and took it inside to try my go at melting crystalized cbd. From day one i threw it on its side to fit large jars and its never let us down.


A small cheap vac oven works great, too. Leave it at 130-140f and you can store your jars in there until you need to use them. The heat, in a sealed jar, will also help prevent it from oxidizing while stored. Most of my jars that I would put in there would begin to get a ring, then it would go away and they would stay normal. Also, I do put the jars under vacuum and seal them when not in use.

I can put metal in my kitchenaid microwave oven. As long as the jars are not to close they wont arc. The microwave has a sticker inside on the metal shelf that says so. It has to sit on plastic anchors to keep it from arcing off the wall the shelf sits on.

I found as long as everything seperated 1 inch there is no problem. I have microwaved 5 jars at a time. Lids on

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I’m confused I flip the microwave on the door hinge side open the door and set an entire L in there when I was doing it. Like 30sec burst I think…put some gloves on in case to hot but it’ll turn it all liquid quick…couple mins instead half hr or more