Distillate in cartridges turning red

Hi there guys, I’ve been filling cartridges for the last couple years. everything was good, flavor color and viscosity. recently a day or two after i mix and fill the oil in the cartridges starts turning redish in color. is it something i am doing wrong or is just oxidation. Anyone with answers please let me know. Sam

Has your distillate supplier recently switched extraction solvents?

WolfeXtracts thanks for your quick reply. they won’t say anything about the process. What do you think it is

Is there anything that you have changed in your process? Is it turning red over time? Or does it already have a red color?

Sounds to me like they’ve switched to ethanol or co2. Though any THC can oxidize it’s much more common with EToH and co2. Could be a whole host of things though…different cut used in the terpene solution, different component in carts, different plant material being very old or poorly cared for. Hope some of this helps man

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Total it does have redo color. but i never had the issue before. i know oxidation happens but that’s suppose to take time.

I just got a message back from my supplier. he said he always uses ethanol. the cartridges i use have been the same for a long time. what cuts in terpenes you think cause that.

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Really could just be that he’s dialing his tech. Once I hit steady 92%+ THC with ethanol the oxidation set on much faster. There are other steps @anon42519203 has laid out in the past for removing most of the red with bumptrap refinement


Heptane washes and hot condensing also do it.


I get the red ring of death if I dont vac seal my disty.


Ya depending on what brand/flavor it could most definitely turn it to a red color. If they all do that then its something else. In my experience co2 oil always has a red colo(not calling your supplier a liar just my 2cents). Try a carbon scrub and see if it helps

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I’m experiencing the same thing with my cartridges. Is there a preventive measure to take to ensure that my cartridges in the future do not have that happen? I just filled just around 1000 carts and every cartridge has oxidized on the top.

buy silicone top caps for long term storage. If you don’t cap immediately after filling, that also might be your issue.

This could be from not balancing the PH of the oil.

bad batch of cartridges?

I think I was capping too slow. I was doing batches of 100 hand filled and hand tightened. I just heated up the distillate a bit and moved the oil around and now it looks normal. The red discolor was only at the top of the carts. Pretty uniform as well. Still looks and tastes great.


Once distillate gets in contact with air oxidation happens often
Refured to as the red ring of death
I m still searching for the reason
Ph might be a reason but I doubt it for having had oils with same ph of wich some do and some. Don t
Main solution is. Keeping air out
I store carts in vacuum bags
Those that are placed inside of a vacuuming machine and sealed by heat
The silicone caps work well trust make sure your cart is filled to the rim (no air)


@ShannonC I wanna hear your input on this.

I don’t think pH would be the issue as that would make a uniform red or purple color throughout all of the oil. My best guess is in the distillation SOP. If distilled properly then it shouldn’t show red oxidation for some time. As mentioned the bump trap and hot condensing tech would help. There’s a lot of info out there already for scrubbing of your crude too. Did the carts show a red layer again after you mixed them @samy?

Heat is causing the distillate to be peramable and oxygen is moving in. I think it’s the overlap of BP that other cannabloids are taken in during distillation or micro fats and lipids still remaining. I’m not sure if you can do this with carts but maybe using the air sealed plastic cap for the bottom of the cart on it while doing this process. I would take the carts and place them in a vacum oven immedatly after your fill. Have the carts completely diagonal in a holding tray suitable for heat. Have your oven heated up to 100f. Wait for vacum show stable heat. open your vacuum valve at a slow rate once you get to 29.5 slowly release it and any oxygen should be out.

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