Distillate! Help!

I need somebody to teach me how to make distillate utilizing shorth path distillation. Also teach me how to make crude oil. Willing to pay :moneybag:


Where are you located?

orlando fl

I’m sure there’s 50 people here who would love to do so… Or you could read some threads and watch some videos for free.

Hit up @Siosis in Florida FTW!

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orlando fl :slight_smile:

I’m in your backyard. You can come to our facility and we can do a run together


Sure how can i get in contact?

Sure how can i get in contact with you?

you are in contact with him…

I don’t recommend posting your phone number on an open forum. if you’re too new here to DM (yep, you are), then ask Siosis to DM you.


It’s my understanding that you can use this…


Yeah , seems that’s a short path :slight_smile:


That’s equivalent to a rotovap. Nothing even close to a spd system.

I used this prior to my 5l rotovap


Make sure you buy the distiller meant for alchohol and NOT water like above. Etoh bp is lower than h20. You’ll scorch the etoh in a water diatiller


@terpenescali @503DVS503 yep this can replace a rotovap. We used these all day before buying a roto.

Works pretty damn well too, but like Demon said, make sure it’s made for alcohol.

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Im hoping this was sarcasm lol

Why do you say that? Those things work lol, I’ve used em a hundred times. It’s no roto, but for $150-$200, it’ll get the job done.
Just need one for alcohol, not water.


What kind on throughput do you get out of those things? It probably has a carbon filter in it which is just going to make the product appear clean, but has a ton of light and heavy volatiles.

Throughput is very slow. They are small units and pretty slow. I was using them on a super small scale op.
Do you mean the ethanol is picking up volatiles?? You’re probably right, Because it definitely keeps some terps. Our ethanol smelled like straight buds lol.

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Ethanol clings to polar and non-polar molecules, so ethanol will attach itself to damn near everything. Thats why it is used in food-processing/oils. The trick is removing this bond and keeping all of the stuff you want intact. The mophorn is only going to be good at collecting the ethanol. You can probably set the temperature to around 80-100C and bake out the ethanol, but all of the terpenes under 100C is going to come out in your ethanol as well (because of the bond). This is why there is demand for CO2 extraction.

Also your are going to need a SPD to get out all of the residual fats and lipids, having an insane amount of vacuum and heat helps separate the bonds of the plant material.

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