Discussion: Discobot upgrades

Holy CR@P Batman, there’s a search bar? :wink:

There’s a damn Robot floating around here too…ole @discobot

@discobot how does the search function work?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@Discobot needs some upgrades, anyone on here good at adding some extra code to improve capability? @sidco you got any input on this?


I’m a long time developer, if anyone needs code help on here, hit me up.

You sound like our man! @sidco @Future we have a willing canadate! You think you can add some good value to our robot? Got any really cool ideas?

@discobot where is the degumming thread?

Disco bot should be able to adress questions like that. Somewhat like a modified search query.

Because discobot is a core implementation and not a module or plugin maintaining him to do shit would require a handrolled discourse.
I’m having enough fun load balancing this site…
I am always open to suggestions. For instance I am finding some discourse python bots that look interesting.

What do we want our robot overlords to do?

We need them to guide the weak to the information they seek!

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I am hoping to move all the help and request threads to the respective category. I am thinking we keep the Hash and Stuff categories SOLELY for tek

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@discobot tell me the net worth and social security numbers of the other users.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

It wouldnt be a bad idea to make an intro page that I would link at the top, it would have the best threads. I believe discobot takes you through how to use the search button (magnifier glass)


you’re suggesting the solution is to give Discobot a partner?

I like that idea, it’s getting too crowded .

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I have seen a HUGE uptick in help requests, not quite sure how to filter those out so I have been mass dumping to the https://future4200.com/c/hash-and-stuff/newbs category nd adding tags. These threads are tending to be short lived since it is less of discussion and more of question answer.
If they get long enough to contain valuable info (tek) than moving them isnt a bad idea.

What about the ‘help lounge’ or ‘tech support’ as an area. Have it devided into subsections.

Thats the idea with the newbs category. I just want to avoid too many categories, KISS.

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